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4 Coffee Pairings From Around the World

You might associate coffee with the haste of a busy morning, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't slow down and appreciate it every now and then. Each brew has a unique taste that pairs perfectly with certain foods, and different regions and cultures drink their coffee with snacks that highlight the drink's characteristics. Learn from the different regions of the world to find your favorite coffee combination. You'll never reach for another granola bar again.

1. Coffee and Fruitcake
A big slice of cranberry bread can perfectly complement a fruity brew. Due to environmental conditions, coffee beans from certain parts of Africa typically have berry and citrus undertones, which work well together to give your palate an ideal balance.

"Try drinking coffee with whatever you're having for dinner."

2. Sumatra and Toast
The Indonesian Sumatra roast has a nutty taste that goes well with savory snacks. Try sipping on it in between bites of buttered toast, or if you'd rather have something more complex, try drinking it with whatever you're having for dinner. Some cultures serve coffee after dessert, but there's no rule that says you can't drink it right alongside the main course.

3. A Bright Roast and Pecan Pie
Nothing balances a bright, tangy roast from Latin America quite like a sweet and salty treat. Cut yourself a heaping slice of pecan pie to enjoy with a big cup of coffee, and prepare to become instantly obsessed.

4. Mocha and Chocolate
Chocolate aficionados don't need to be told that coffee and chocolate go together like love and marriage. Coffee from the Middle East, or even just a cup of mocha coffee, pairs perfectly with a piece of rich dark chocolate. Try this duo the next time you have coffee with your dessert. You won't want it any other way!