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4 Essentials of a Home Cafe

The only thing better than enjoying a fresh cup of coffee is drinking it in the comfort of your own home. Fortunately, all you need are a few small items to turn your home into your very own cafe. Follow these steps to becoming the barista of your household.

1. The Perfect Coffeemaker
You can't start your home cafe without a top-of-the-line coffeemaker. The Mr. Coffee® 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker + Hot Shot Station allows you to heat water and brew coffee at the same time, making it the perfect device for creating a versatile cafe in your own home. In minutes, you can serve your whole household whichever morning drink or instant meal they prefer. Keep it on a small table in the kitchen for a convenient brewing station.

"All coffee lovers have a few favorite mugs that make all the difference in the morning."

2. A Fun Display of Accessories
All coffee lovers have a few favorite mugs that make all the difference when enjoying their morning brew. Display yours for all to see by hanging them up above your coffeemaker. Install a shelf and screw in a few hooks to the bottom to showcase some fun mugs. Don't have a favorite? Try purchasing some plain white ones and drawing unique designs with a permanent marker. All you need to do is bake them in an oven to set the ink, and you've found yourself your new favorite mugs!

To jazz up your brewing station even further, keep a fun bowl out on the table and fill it will antique-looking spoons for stirring. You might also want to use coasters - after all, you're trying to create a classy cafe establishment. Rather than simply stacking them next to the coffeemaker, try recycling an old CD stand and place a few of them in each slot. 

3. Coffee Fixings 
Keep sugar, creamer, cinnamon and anything else you like to put in your coffee close-by. Store sugar in a few mason jars that vary in size, and keep packs of cream in a straw basket for a rustic cafe effect. Try alternating ingredients according to the season. For instance, put out candy canes and cinnamon sticks during the winter months, and keep a small bowl of orange and lemon wedges in the summer.

Snacks are a must for your home cafe.

4. Break Time Snacks
What's a cafe without snacks? Be sure to include small munchies, like biscotti and crackers, somewhere prominent in your brewing station. Leave out packets of jam and butter for a true cafe vibe that will keep you and your guests indoors the next time they want coffee.