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5 Coffee Traditions From around The World

There's nothing like cuddling up with your favorite cup of coffee around the holidays. In between all of the festivities, make sure you keep a fresh pot brewing. You may even want to make it a part of the celebrations themselves! Take some inspiration from how people enjoy their coffee all over the world.

1. Ethiopia
It wouldn't be right to discuss coffee traditions around the world without highlighting Ethiopian culture, since the country is often referred to as the birthplace of coffee. In fact, the people in this region periodically perform coffee ceremonies, which are social events that bring friends and families together. Flowers are scattered around the room and incense is burned to ward off evil spirits. Coffee beans are then boiled until clean, and it's served to all as a sign of love and respect. 

Espresso is an Italian classic.

2. Italy
A staple of Italian culture, espresso is typically served in tiny white mugs that you can pick up with only two fingers. It's a small shot of strong coffee that doesn't require any fixings, and is usually finished quickly, hence the name. Americans sometimes add a shot of espresso in their coffee for an energy boost and an extra kick of flavor.

3. Cuba
Similar to the Italians' espresso, the café cubano is Cuba's approach to the morning brew and is typically served in shots. It's a dark, powerful drink that can instantly perk you up throughout the day - and that's exactly how they enjoy it in Cuba. While celebrating the holidays, sip on this brew in between wrapping gifts and preparing your traditional meals. It'll give you just the energy you need to stay functioning at your best during your favorite time of the year!

"In Turkey, coffee is more than just a drink."

4. Turkey
In Turkey, coffee is more than just a drink. Served from a cezve after meals and during social gatherings, the coffee is strong and dark. In Turkish tradition, the coffee beans that remain stuck to the bottom of the mug are used to tell a fortune. After sipping your coffee, turn the cup upside down, leave for a few minutes, and look to see if you can interpret a message from the remnants.

5. France
In France, there's no better way to start your day than with a hot cafe au lait and a fresh croissant. Channel the French and celebrate the festivities with the tasty dessert and a rich cup of joe with a generous amount of steamed milk stirred in. Bon appétit!