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December #Coffee Roundup

Looking back on December, it seems many Twitter users had a lot of strong feelings regarding coffee. From celebrating the drink as their savior to cursing it for being their crutch, the various messages have taken us on an emotional rollercoaster ride. Let's review some of the best tweets regarding your favorite form of caffeine.

Study Aid
"Taking a much needed study break #scripture #coffee" -@Lauren_Rae_12
Cramming for class can be tough, but, as this user points out, coffee can help ease your struggles. Take a break and refuel with a fresh batch of coffee.

To Drink or Not to Drink?
"Thinking about my crippling #coffee addiction and wondering if I should indulge right now..." -@etp1214
When questioning whether coffee is necessary, the answer is always yes.

If he gets you coffee, marry him.

The Perfect Man
"Early Chrissie pressie from my gorgeous fiancé, knows me too well and my love for Java #coffee #christmas" -@clovar
He who gives coffee as an early Christmas gift is quite possibly the "perf" man.

Coffee Rebel
"God help me. My addiction is back. Also I can't help but shake the can even though it clearly says not too #Coffee" -@KittiQueen13
This user shakes the can because she does what she wants...or because she's taking in too much caffeine. Fortunately, there's decaf coffee!

No Laughing Matter
"How do I take my #coffee? Seriously. Very Seriously." -@StefanieHanz
We'd have to agree with this one. Coffee is an art form, and it should be treated as such.

Earn Karma Points
"Everything good we do is because of #Coffee, i'm convinced." -@HealthFit_Boss
There's also karma, manners and a general desire to improve humanity - but coffee works, too.

Well Wishes
"May your coffee be strong and your humpday be short. Do something extraordinary for someone today! #coffee #DoSomething" -@SoleHope
Cheers to that!

Sometimes, people just want a nice cup of tea.

Coffee or Tea?
"So I'm 20, and I've only just recognised how amazing tea is. What a waste of drinking coffee life! #tea #coffee #20 #adultproblems" - @TheDJBrettHaley
If someone prefers tea over coffee, it's possible that it's because he or she just tried the Mr. Coffee® Tea Café Iced Tea Maker. In minutes, the device brews a perfect batch of gourmet tea according to your preferred level of strength. Give it a try if you want to take this user's advice and branch out from your usual cup of coffee.

Coffee Puns
"My second visit & another great one. You really have got the #coffee experience down to a tee (no pun) @WIREDcafebar" -@dhughes77
Good one! No coffee pun ever goes unappreciated.