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Some Like It Hot: How to Keep Your Coffee Warm

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Before braving the outdoors, you might bundle up with a heavy winter coat and a few pairs of gloves. One way to keep things extra toasty is by preparing your favorite cup of coffee. Start with a cup made with the Mr. Coffee® Electric French Press Hot Water Kettle, and follow these steps to extend the warmth of your drink.

1. Start Out Hot
If you're planning on being out in the cold for a while, it's best to start out with a steaming cup of coffee. Not only will it take longer to cool off, but it will also help keep you warm when the outdoor conditions are anything but. Just be sure not to sip it immediately. There's nothing worse than having a burnt tongue when you're trying to enjoy your favorite brew!

2. Add Cream
It may seem counterintuitive, but adding a few splashes of cream to your coffee can help insulate it and keep it warm longer. Although it will initially lower the temperature, it will stabilize it throughout your stay outdoors. The fat in the cream makes the coffee thicker, which in turn slows evaporation. 

3. Use a Sleeve
The cardboard sleeve that accompanies many coffee cups not only keeps your hands from burning on the steam, but it also helps insulate the liquid inside of it. Add one to your next cup of coffee to prevent your drink from cooling down when you're outdoors.

4. Invest in a Thermos
The type of cup you use for your coffee can also affect its temperature. Rather than keeping it in an uncovered mug, try to prolong the warmth for as long as possible by using a thermos with a pop-up sipper. This will trap the heat inside, since you'll only release the steam when you're taking a swig.

5. Wrap It Up
Take your scarf and wrap it around your mug to extend the life of your warm drink. While your neck may get cold, sometimes you need to make sacrifices in the name of good coffee.