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How to Choose Your First Coffee Maker

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There are plenty of important decisions to make when you move out on your own for the first time. What's the best way to make a budget? How do you fix a leaky water pipe? And most importantly: Where will you get your coffee?

Homemade or Made to Order?
So maybe there are one or two more important questions, but that doesn't mean that you should answer that one lightly. First things first, grabbing a cup from your local coffeehouse every morning isn't the best way to go. It may seem like a time-saver to pop in and have someone else pour a cup of already-hot coffee for you, but in the time it takes to get there, you could have almost certainly made your morning joe yourself. Buying coffee every day will also cost many times more than taking the brew-it-yourself route.

Picking the Perfect Coffee Machine 
Now that you're on the right path, it's time to pick the best coffee maker for you, or rather, the best type of coffee maker. Different devices can produce vastly different results even with the same beans. However, if you don't have a favorite method already, or want to try something new, you can choose your coffee machine based on how you'd prefer to prepare your coffee rather than how you'd like it to turn out.

Single cup coffee brewers, such as the Mr. Coffee® Single K-Cup® Brewing System, are the ultimate in fast and easy brewing. They don't require any grinding, measuring or pouring, and you don't even need to stay in the same room after you press the button to start the brew. These machines can be a great choice for small spaces with busy inhabitants, but they do have one drawback that most coffee makers don't, according to the Guardian. Since single-cup coffee brewers use prepackaged pods rather than fresh coffee grounds, you have limited options for which coffee to use. As they become more popular, the options will probably continue to increase, but single cup coffee machines are generally less versatile than other options.

Programmable coffee makers offer another convenient way to make your morning cup, but without sacrificing the ability to choose any coffee you want. They're nearly as easy to use as single-cup brewers, requiring only that you grind your coffee before turning the machine on. Although your coffee takes slightly longer to brew with an automatic coffee maker, it also gives you the chance to try different roasts so you can start to determine the best brew for you.