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5 Surprising Uses for Coffee Grounds

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If coffee's only purpose was to provide a delicious pick-me-up in the morning, it would still be worthy of admiration. As it turns out, there are plenty more ways to use coffee to repair and revitalize you and some common objects around your home.

1. Exfoliate
Coffee grounds have the amazing ability to turn into a silky smooth beverage when brewed with water, but on their own, they're rather gritty. That makes them a perfect natural exfoliant. According to This Old House, they can be used to scrub your hands or your dishware clean. If you have pots and pans with stuck-on stains or clinging grease, scoop a few teaspoons of dry coffee grounds onto a thin cloth and use it to wipe the grime away. You can also use the grounds to scrub dead skin or smells from potent foods from your hands.

2. Deodorize
Aficionados know that the only thing that comes close to coffee's taste is its aroma. If you've got any areas that need to be deodorized, such as your pantry, refrigerator or even your car, an open container of fresh coffee grounds can do wonders. More than just covering up unpleasant smells with their own satisfying scent, coffee grounds can actually absorb the odors of anything around them.

3. Fortify
It may be too difficult for some to use fresh grounds for anything but brewing a cup of coffee, but used grounds can serve other purposes as well. They can add a good dose of nitrogen to a compost heap, Gardening Know How reported, and the filter from your coffee maker can go right into the pile with them. Grounds can also be added directly to the soil, but adding too much could actually harm plants. Mixed with enough soil though, grounds add organic matter and acidity to a garden, which helps many plants and animals thrive.

4. Beautify
This one might be a bit hard to swallow, but according to One Green Planet, coffee grounds can provide a boost to your hair. Add them to your conditioner and rub the mixture into your scalp just as you normally would. The coffee rinse results in smoother, shinier hair.

5. Renew
Give a new meaning to the phrase coffee table by using grounds to repair scratches in wood furniture. Just mix the grounds with a little bit of water, then rub the resulting paste into scratches. After 10 minutes, wipe off any excess and your furniture might be as good as new.