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Cinema Sips: The Best Coffee Scenes in Film

Coffee has a long history of keeping creative people up into the wee hours of the morning, so it's no surprise that many have chosen to immortalize the brew in their work. From writers to musicians, artists of every stripe have been known to keep a pot of coffee nearby, but it may be most useful on movie sets, where scores of people have to work long hours together, ideally without dozing off or sulking in their trailers. Countless movie scenes have probably been made possible by coffee, but here are a few of the best that pay homage to the beverage.

'Breakfast at Tiffany's'
The opening scene from "Breakfast at Tiffany's" may not be all about coffee, but it just wouldn't be the same without that cup in the shot. This beautiful sequence shows how a simple cup of coffee can transform even window shopping into an event worth watching. The way you start your day - in this case, by gazing at elegant clothes - sets the tone for the rest, and a morning cup of coffee can help you get it right. It's just too bad that Audrey Hepburn couldn't slow down to savor it.

Working at a coffeehouse, the titular main character of the quirky comedy "Amelie" gets the chance to observe plenty of daily rituals. In this case, it's her customer's habit of eating spilled sugar from the table. It may not be the healthiest of habits, but anything that helps you enjoy your coffee more could be worth it.

'Airplane 2'
Sure, riding on a spaceship knocked half a million miles off course and being pummeled by asteroids could be a drag, but this scene from "Airplane 2" shows what's really worth rioting over: running out of coffee. While it's not advised to go quite as wild as the passengers do in this scene, it's certainly understandable to lose it a little when you know you could be stuck without coffee for the foreseeable future.

In "Thor," the hero may not understand much about human behavior, but he does understand the value of a good cup of coffee. You may admire his enthusiasm, but it's best to show your appreciation with a little more tact. After all, if you run out of cups, you'll have a hard time when you need your next coffee fix.

'The Green Hornet'
Finally, someone who treats his coffee with the respect it deserves. In the 2011 remake of "The Green Hornet," Kato takes the automatic coffee maker to a new level with his custom coffee contraption.