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How to Make a Delicious Chai Tea Latte at Home

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Chai tea lattes are some of the most popular drinks at many coffeehouses, for good reason. These tasty beverages pack a bit of caffeine - but not too much - strike a good balance between spicy and sweet, and can be enjoyed hot or cold to suit any season. However, the cost of buying these treats from a coffeehouse every day can add up quickly. That doesn't mean that you have to go without the drink, though. If chai is your cup of tea, you're fortunate in that it's easy to make at home with your own Mr. Coffee® Café Latte machine.

Chai Made Easy
The recipe could hardly be simpler. Instead of putting coffee in the brewer like normal, just place three chai tea bags on top, then add 13 ounces of milk to the pitcher as usual. When you brew your latte, the latte maker will steep the tea just like it would coffee. You can also add up to 3 tablespoons of sugar to the pitcher to sweeten it. However, chai is versatile, so if you have another sweetener you prefer, you can add that to the finished product as well. Honey and agave, for instance, tend to go well with teas. Since chai tea is naturally spicy, you should use some kind of sweetener to round out the flavor.

Personalizing Your Latte 
It's so simple to make a chai tea latte with the Cafe Latte machine that you may even find it too easy. If you want to get a little more hands-on with your latte, you have that option. Chai tea can be made from any strong black tea and a combination of spices, according to Chai spice mixes can sometimes be found at Indian grocers, but you can also make your own. Traditional chai is spiced with a mixture of cardamom, ginger, cloves, cinnamon and pepper.

To make an iced chai, just use the same method and allow the latte to cool before pouring it over ice. If you add ice too soon, it could simply melt and dilute the mixture, so it's best to prepare this version in advance. Also be warned that adding ice at any stage could make the latte taste weaker. Experiment with adding more tea bags or spices during the initial brewing phase to find the recipe that's best for you. Finally, be sure to add your sweeteners while the latte is still hot, as cold liquids won't allow sugar or honey to dissolve fully.