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How to Step up Your Tea With Infusions

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Tea can be great on its own, either as a morning pick-me-up that's subtler than coffee, a relaxing evening beverage or, in the case of iced tea, a refreshing choice for a hot day. However, once you've tried everything from oolong to yerba mate, you may think that you've seen everything that tea has to offer. With a little ingenuity, though, you may find that there's plenty left to explore.

Accept no Substitutes 
One of the biggest crazes in the tea world right now is infusion. You're probably familiar with flavored tea that you can get in a bag at most coffeehouses or premixed in a bottle from grocery stores. These can be good in a pinch, but with the smallest amount of preparation, you can make your own tea infusions for a fraction of that price, and you'll probably find that they're more to your liking.

Fruit Infusions 
Infusing hot teas is as simple as adding an extra ingredient to your cup as you make a drink. Fruit infusions are popular, but they can be tricky to get just right. Hot water can scorch fruit, and if the infusion isn't prepared properly, you might end up with seeds or smashed berries in your drink.

Iced tea might be a better option for those looking to try something new with their tea. You can mash berries and add them to a pitcher of iced tea, but a better result might come from adding them while the tea is being made. A Mr. Coffee® Ice Tea Flavor Infuser would come in handy, allowing you to add the flavor of your favorite fruit without leaving you to scoop the skins of any fruit out of the mix afterward.

Infusion Made Easy 
It's best to start with a plain black or green tea if you're infusing with fruit, since their strong flavors stand out and can mix well with practically anything. Herbal teas are trickier, as their delicate flavors could be overwhelmed or make a bad combination with the wrong infusion.

Adding fruit might also change how you choose to serve your tea. Many people add lots of sugar to their iced tea to counter the sometimes bitter flavor that it can have, but with a fruit infusion, you may find that it's no longer needed. Fruit will add a little bit of sweetness to the tea, which may be enough for you to take your tea without any other additions.