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5 Things That Are Easier To Accomplish With Coffee

Without coffee, simple tasks can seem like major projects. Even the seemingly easy act of stepping out of bed can pose huge challenges to the eternal snoozer. Fortunately, a cup of java is waiting close by for those who need a little help getting started with their day. After a cup of the magical potion, you might find it's easier to do the following tasks.

Wake up more peacefully with coffee.Wake up more peacefully with coffee.

1. Wake Up
Sure, you can accomplish some things while you sleep. You can burn calories, repair cells and have vivid dreams that spark creativity. Who knows, you could wake up and write a novel based on everything you did while you were getting some shut-eye, as Stephenie Meyer did when she crafted the hit book-turned-movie saga "Twilight." However, that last part can't happen until you're wide awake and alert - and that's where coffee comes in.

With the Mr. Coffee® Smart Optimal Brew™ Coffee Maker with WeMo®, you can remain in your dream-like state and still have a big batch of coffee waiting for you when you roll out of bed. Just program the device with your smartphone using the WeMo® App and don't waste any time fumbling with buttons and waiting around for your morning brew.  

2. Tackle Your To-Do List
Once you're finished writing your book based on the crazy dream you just awoke from, it's time to tackle your ever-growing to-do list. It may seem daunting - until you have another cup of coffee, that is. Fortunately, the Mr. Coffee® Smart Optimal Brew™ Coffee Maker with WeMo® makes a large batch of java that can fill 10 people's mugs. That should be enough to get started on your assignments for the day. You'll find it much easier to pay your bills, clean your whole house and accomplish everything else that's been stagnant on your list for months. 

3. Play Nice
Sure, coffee may be a stimulant, but for many java lovers, it also acts as a happy drink. Suddenly, you're more loving and patient, and people don't annoy you quite so much. Compliments will come more easily and you'll be spreading joy and and positive vibes wherever you go. Use your newfound love of humans for good. Hold the door for strangers and smile at everyone who walks by you. It only takes a few small gestures of kindness to start a happiness revolution! 

It's hard to stay mad when there's coffee.It's hard to stay mad when there's coffee.

4. Resolve Issues
Not only does coffee help boost your affection for others, but it can also aid in resolving conflict. What better setting for a long-awaited reconciliation than in a communal spot with a pot of coffee? A soothing cup of java is the perfect substance to calm your thoughts while you work out unnecessary drama and resolve issues that have been building up for a while. After all, preparing food or drink of any kind can be considered a peace offering between two people. Plus, it's hard to argue when you're busy guzzling a great tasting cup of coffee. You'll be able to save your friendship and quench your thirst in no time.

5. Get Crafty
So, you want to make more time for your friends, but you don't have much money to spend on a night out. Why not get everyone together for a craft night? Coffee is a great substance to use for craft projects, and you probably already have the supplies needed to make some interesting art. Give everyone a plain mug and a few permanent markers and get to work drawing fun designs while you catch up on all of the latest gossip.

You can also just use fresh brewed coffee as paint for a new masterpiece. To get different shades of brown, try pouring one-third of a fresh batch into a mason jar and heating the rest over the stove in a saucepan. As the liquid gets thicker, it also turns darker. Pour some of it into a separate mason jar, and continue heating for an even darker shade. Finally, empty all of the contents into a third jar and get to painting!