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How to Use Coffee in Art

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Some view coffee as simply a means to higher productivity and better concentration. While those are some of the drink's greatest benefits, there's much more to coffee than its energizing effects. Consider, for instance, the social aspect of the drink. You wouldn't meet with a friend on a Saturday morning to drink water, would you? Coffee is an art form that sparks great conversation and ideas, and it should be used to its full creative potential. Here's how to create art with your morning brew.

A coffee break can instantly spark your creativity.A coffee break can instantly spark your creativity.

Get Inspired
Need some artistic inspiration? Sip on some coffee. Sometimes taking a brief moment in your day to slow down and appreciate a warm drink can be all you need to clear your mind. When you resume your day's activities, you'll feel refreshed and ready to take on a creative project.

Paint a Masterpiece
Watercolors can get boring after decades of using them to paint pictures. Swap them out with some coffee instead for a rustic masterpiece. All you need to do is brew a batch of coffee. You'll also need a paint brush and some sort of canvas. Once the coffee is prepared, pour some into a saucepan and boil it for a few minutes for a thicker, darker substance. You can use this color to add depth to your painting. If you want a lighter color, simply add more water to it, the same way you would with watercolors.

Spruce up your candles with coffee beans.Spruce up your candles with coffee beans.

Jazz Up Your Candles
Candles are a great way to make a room feel cozy and lived in. Try sprucing them up with these unique candle holders. Simply get a glass container - be it a mason jar, vase or bowl - and fill it with coffee beans. Then wedge the candle in the jar, using the beans as support. When you light it up, it will produce a warm glow that not only looks beautiful, but smells fantastic. You'll sense a slight coffee aroma, along with whatever scent you choose for your candle.

Spray the Beans
A little spray paint can go a long way. Line a baking sheet with wax paper and spread coffee beans evenly across it. Choose a fun shade - like gold or silver - and spray it over the entire spread so each bean is covered. Allow them to dry overnight, and then pour them into a clear bowl. You can use it to hold makeup brushes, pens and pencils or anything else that seems to get scattered otherwise.