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How to Use Coffee in Conflict Resolution

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Dealing with people is never easy. Even if you've been friends for years, there's always a chance that you could do or say something that doesn't sit well with the other person. Fortunately, there are many strategies for conflict resolution. Our favorite tips for getting on people's good sides involve coffee. Next time you find yourself in a sticky situation, brew a big batch of coffee using the Mr. Coffee® Advanced Brew 8-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker with Thermal Carafe and look to this guide for effective damage control.

The perfect brew can mend any friendship.The perfect brew can mend any friendship.

Friend Fall-Outs
We're all guilty of breaking plans now and then. While an expensive group dinner might sound like a great idea when you make plans on pay day, it's not always as enticing later in the month when you've exceeded your dining budget. You have to cancel your plans... and your friend is not happy about it.

How to fix it: It's understandable why your friend would be annoyed. After all, she might have planned her evening around your dinner outing, and now her night is affected by your poor financial planning. But not to worry - coffee makers were invented for this exact situation. Invite her over for coffee and brew your best blend. You'll save money on an expensive dinner, and you'll still get to catch up and do friend things. It's a win-win.

Work Woes
You swear it was an honest mistake that you ate your coworker's sandwich, but she's having a hard time believing you. Her name was clearly written on her bagged lunch, and you haven't brought your own meal to work in ages. You have some major damage control to perform, and it's not going to be easy.

How to fix it: You should probably buy her a new sandwich. But, that's not all. She likely spent a lot of time crafting the perfect lunch, complete with fresh ingredients and tasty toppings. The only way to truly express your sorrow is by brewing her the perfect cup of coffee to go along with her complimentary lunch. Throw in an "I'm sorry!" note, and all should be forgiven in no time.

Coffee is a great tool in conflict resolution. Coffee is a great tool in conflict resolution.

Boyfriend Blunders
Maybe you overreacted a tad when you told your boyfriend you were breaking up with him. Now that you've had some time to cool down, you realize it's not a huge issue that he didn't seem interested in tagging along with you and your friends for a night out. It's going to be tough to suck up your pride and apologize... but not if you have coffee on your side.

How to fix it: Make some coffee - pronto. If he's busy sipping on something, it will give you the floor to explain your side and tell him how wrong you were. Plus, if you make his coffee the way he likes, it will serve as a reminder that you two know each other too well to break things off.

Girlfriend Troubles
Did you forget your anniversary again? It's going to be tough to find a way out of this one. After all, your girlfriend reminded you of this special day just last week - and she even surprised you with the coolest gift ever. 

How to fix it: Your first instinct might be to pretend you didn't forget, but that strategy rarely works out the way you envision it. Instead, whip up a batch of her favorite coffee and apologize profusely. Devise a plan to go to dinner, see a movie or go somewhere she likes - and be sure to set a reminder on your phone for the next important date. A simple click of a button can prevent this from ever happening again. Use it to your advantage.