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Top 3 Coffee Pranks for April Fool's Day

April Fool's Day pranks were likely quite popular back when you were in grade school. Every year, your classmates may have worked together to carry out a few common pranks, like stuffing chalk in the erasers or placing a whoopee cushion on a seat for an awkwardly funny moment. Those were the good days - unless, of course, you were the target of such a prank. Fortunately, we feel you're never too old to engage in a lighthearted joke one day out of the year. In the spirit of today's holiday, here are some of the best coffee pranks to play on unsuspecting friends - or enemies.

Is this sugar, or salt?Is this sugar or salt?

1. Salty Coffee
We're all about unlikely coffee combinations. In fact, it's great to experiment with different flavorings and interesting concoctions until you find your favorite. Still, no matter how adventurous you are with your tastes, we're pretty sure salt is never a tasty ingredient to use in your coffee - and that's what makes this prank so great. Try swapping out sugar for salt in your friend's coffee. Imagine the shock when he or she sips what should be a sweet cup of java and instead gets a salty, bitter taste instead. Be sure to stay close by and make a peace offering as soon as it's realized that you're the mastermind behind the sneaky operation. 

2. Snarky Messaging
Does your friend or coworker drink from the same mug every morning? If so, you have a perfect opportunity to prank him or her without causing too much commotion. Attach a note to the bottom of the mug, so when it's tilted upward, everyone can see a secret message. Your friend will be completely unaware that a hidden message is in plain sight with every sip. At a loss for words? Try something like "Compliment my hair" or "Ask me how I like my coffee" so he or she continuously gets told the same thing over and over without any idea why. 

Create the illusion of spilled coffee.Create the illusion of spilled coffee.

3. Fake Out
We're all too familiar with the sinking feeling of enduring a massive coffee spill - especially when it ruins important paperwork. Fake out a friend with this easy, lighthearted prank that will likely cause a rollercoaster of emotions - beginning with pure devastation and ending with immense relief. The night before April 1, lay a large piece of wax paper on a flat surface and pour some glue in a coffee cup. Mix in some washable brown paint and stir completely so it turns into a thick, coffee-colored paste. Then, tilt the cup on its side on top of the paper and let the contents pour out to resemble spilled coffee. Throw in a stirrer and empty sugar packets for a realistic effect, then let it dry completely. You may want to place it in the freezer to speed up the process. The next day, remove the paper and place the work of art on your friend's desk or table. Then sit back and watch the drama unfold.