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7 Signs Your Coffee Obsession Has Gone Too Far

When it comes to all good things in life, there's a very fine line between being appreciative and obsessive. Think of your coffee habits, for instance. You may have started with one cup a day. Then it may have kicked up to two or three with decaf mixed in. As your appreciation turned to obsession, you probably ditched the decaf and increased your intake. But when did you cross that threshold? Here are some signs that you should take note of so you're not blindsided by a full-blown coffee obsession.

1. Your Happiness Depends on Your Coffee Supply
In emotionally stable individuals, happiness comes from within. However, when you're battling a severe coffee obsession, you're not happy until there's a fresh cup in your hand. It's one thing when your joy is enhanced with a tasty brew, and a total other thing when it's completely dependent on it.

If you've made your own coffee perfume, you've gone too far.If you've made your own coffee perfume, you've gone too far.

2. Coffee Has Become Your Signature Scent
There's nothing quite like the fragrance of a fresh brew. However, when people start associating the smell of coffee with you, it may be the sign of an issue. You're brewing coffee so frequently that the smell is permanently in your hair, on your hands, all over your clothes and more. 

3. Nobody Can Keep Up With Your Conversations
Caffeine can make it easier to have certain conversations, but too much of the substance can have the opposite effect. When you start stumbling over your words and realizing that nobody can keep up with the speed of your thoughts, it's time to chill out and skip the coffee this time around.

4. Coffee Has Taken Over Your Kitchen
You'd keep sugar in the jar on your counter, but that's where you keep your coffee. You'd like to get a microwave, but there's only so much room on your counter for your coffee station. Coffee has taken over your kitchen, and it's oddly reflective of the way it's taken over your life as well.

5. You Have Pet Names for Your Different Brews
When you start referring to your French roast as Pierre and your espresso as Vincenzo, you need to ease up on the coffee. Once your coffee habit gets this bad, it's hard to turn back. Don't let it get that far in the first place.

It's coffee time all the time.It's coffee time all the time.

6. You Plan Your Schedule Around Coffee
When you start to make plans with someone and then stop yourself because you're not sure it fits in with your coffee schedule, you have a problem. You should be able to go about your day without constantly wondering how and when you'll get your next fix. 

7. People Fear You
You were once so happy and fun-loving but no longer. People don't approach you before the hours of 9 or 10 a.m., and even then, they need to see you with a cup in your hand and a smile on your face before they feel safe. Scale it back a little.