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Best Kinds of Coffee Table Books

What pairs well with coffee and makes you look smart? A good book. That's why coffee table books exist, and all of your ritzy friends have some of the brightest, most beautiful covers adorning their living room tables. If you're new to the world of luxury, don't worry. We've got you covered better than a hardcover. Here are some of the types of books that were basically published for your coffee table.

Fashion Look Books
If you dream of owning designer duds but you don't quite have the money for them just yet, a book that displays all of the top looks in fashion is the next best thing. Get one that's specific to your favorite part of fashion, whether it's stylish stilettos, glamorous gowns or styles based on all of the different eras. Your guests will love flipping through the pages and feeling inspired every time they step foot in your home.

Imagine opening your book and finding this little guy staring back at you.Imagine opening your book and finding this little guy staring back at you.

Pet-Friendly Art
If your apartment doesn't allow pets, or if you just don't want the responsibility of one, this is one way to provide guests with the joy of an animal without the hassle. There are many books that highlight some of the best photos of dogs and cats - and even animals that aren't pets, but just endearing to see in their natural elements. Choose a book that's sure to get a laugh or two and keep you entertained every time you open it.

Concert Photo Compilation
If you're into music, you probably love going to concerts. Some bands and artists have their own arrangement of photos of them in action. Getting a front row ticket to each of their shows is highly unlikely, but that doesn't mean you need to miss out on their best performances. Get a book that shows them hard at work performing for some of the largest crowds. If there's one that really stands out to you, you can always cut it out - carefully - and frame it somewhere in your home to show everyone you're the band's No. 1 fan. 

Learn more about your city.Learn more about your city.

City Guide
Whether you've lived in your town or city for years or you're a new resident, you could benefit from learning more about some of its main attractions. Pick up a book that shows photos of some of the city's coolest architecture, or go for one that explains more of the history of your area. You could also potentially find one with a map so you're able to learn where you are in relation to the city while you sip on your morning coffee. Talk about multi-tasking.

Recipe Books
All of that coffee may quench your thirst, but it probably doesn't do much for your hunger pangs. If you get a coffee table book that lists out some great recipes to try in the kitchen, you can make sure only the best food is paired with your favorite brew. Choose one of your favorite cuisines or chefs and pick up a book that's in line with it.