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Mid Year 2015 #Coffee Roundup

Last year, we presented you with the December #Coffee Roundup, which highlighted some of the best coffee tweets of all time. Rather than wait an entire year, we decided to give another version of the #Coffee Roundup, this time taking into account the best prose written about java in the past six months. Check out the top coffee tweets, and let us know your favorites in the comments!

Deep Sentiments
"Coffee, coffee now/ Coffee, coffee, coffee NOW!/ Coffee, coffee now—L. Chaykin #coffee #haiku #micropoetry" - @deangloster.
This Twitter user broadcasted his innermost thoughts and feelings to the general public, and that takes a great deal of courage. Thank you, @deangloster, for being so brave and sharing your coffee sentiments with everyone. 

What's goes better with coffee than more coffee?What' goes better with coffee than more coffee?

The Perfect Pairing
"Good morning. Nothing goes better with coffee than ... more #coffee. #HappyThursday everyone!!" - @TO_sportsgirl.
There are some great food and coffee pairings that perfectly complement each other, but we have to agree with @TO_sportsgirl. Coffee and more coffee is a match made in heaven.

World Peace
"#coffee knows no borders, it's a universal thing" - @jpkalliomusic.
Nothing brings together more people than a soothing cup of delicious coffee in the morning. At the end of the day, we're all just people with lots of love to give and coffee to drink.

Art's Greatest Muse
"Come on, don't you ever stop and smell the coffee and then make beautiful art with it? #coffee" - @altruismWON.
Yes, @altruismWON, we love making art with coffee. It can be a great tool for paintings, household decorations, latte foam designs and more. You can also sip on it for some energy and inspiration to create the next greatest sculpture. With coffee as your muse, the possibilities are endless.

Coffee Scheduling
"There's a time and place for decaf. #Coffee" - @runningonpinot.
The punch line of this joke is "Never and in the trash," according to the accompanying photo in @runningonpinot's tweet. However, when that 3 p.m. hump approaches, what will you reach for? It can be a challenge to decide whether you want to get one last caffeine fix for the day or risk feeling wired come bedtime. We know the struggle. Sometimes, you just need the taste of coffee without its energizing effects. Choose wisely. 

Perk up with some coffee.Perk up with some coffee.

Enough is Enough Already
"I'm tired of being tired. #coffee" - @myuusic.
We've all experienced the feeling of total exhaustion. It's an empty, helpless and frustrating phenomenon, and it seems @myuusic has taken fate into his own hands. By turning to coffee, you too can climb out of the eternally tired state of mind and perk up. 

No Funny Business
"Q;'How do you take your coffee?' A:'Seriously, VERY seriously.' #coffeelove  #coffee" - @YMBBastepaway.
A lack of caffeine is no joke. Don't let anyone make you think otherwise. When it comes to coffee, take it as seriously as you'd like. 

Life Goals
"I just want to waste my life in terribly beautiful cafés. #coffee" - @anaisnin.
You could spend your life in cafes, or you could turn your home into the cafe of your dreams. With a device like the Mr. Coffee® Advanced Brew 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker, you can brew a big batch of fresh, great tasting coffee for you and all your friends without wasting a second of your life in long lines and crowded coffee shops.