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6 Perfect Stocking Stuffers For Coffee Lovers

It's almost the end of the year, have you finished all of your holiday shopping? If you still need some ideas for small items to put in your loved one's stocking, check out these six awesome coffee-themed gift ideas.

1. Coffee
Let's get the obvious out of the way early, shall we? A bag of coffee beans fits perfectly into a stocking, and it will definitely make any coffee lover happy. But don't just get them any old blend. Spring for a seasonal roast that will taste great in their homemade coffee concoctions.

2. A mug warmer
For the coffee lover that has everything, a mug warmer is the perfect gift. Sure, they already have a nice espresso machine and the gadgets that go along with it, but all that's for naught if they accidentally leave their cup on the counter too long. If your buddy spends most of his days at a desk, the Mr. Coffee® Mug Warmer will ensure that his morning brew doesn't go cold before he's finished with it.

Coffee and Christmas just make sense together.Coffee and Christmas just make sense together.

3. A reusable filter
Does your coffee-drinking friend care about the environment? Get him or her a reusable coffee filter. Never again will they have to toss out another used filter. The Mr. Coffee® Gold Tone Permanent Filter lasts a long while and helps make a great-tasting cup every time. Your friend won't have to worry about running out of filters again!

4. Chocolate covered espresso beans
For the sweet-toothed coffee lover, chocolate-covered espresso beans are an absolute must. Even when they can't get a cup of coffee, they can munch on these to their heart's desire. Just be sure to get them a big bag, so they can share.

5. Flavored syrup
You can either buy flavored syrup at the store or make some yourself. It's an easy way for your coffee drinking friend to add a little more flavor to their daily cup of coffee. You can grab some peppermint syrup for a seasonal twist, or go with another traditional flavor like hazelnut or vanilla. Whatever taste your friend prefers, you can find it - or make it!

6. A cup of coffee
So you can't actually put this one in a stocking...but sometimes the best gift is simply sharing your time with a friend you haven't seen in awhile. Invite them over and brew them a great tasting cup of coffee. Then let the conversation flow.