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How Coffee Can Help You Survive Finals

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That's right, college students, finals are right around the corner. But you didn't need to be reminded of that, did you? Chances are good that those big tests and final papers are looming pretty large on the horizon. And that means it's time to get studying - or cramming, as the case may be. You're going to want to have all the advantages you can get when it comes to preparing for your exams. Coffee is going to be your best friend over the next few weeks, so here are few ways this delicious drink can help you prepare for your finals.

There's an old trick for memorization that involves your sense of smell. It's commonly understood that scent is closely tied to memory. Certain smells can evoke specific memories. Perhaps the smell of lilacs makes you remember summer days at your parent's house or the smell of baking sugar cookies calls to mind winters at your grandmother's.

Some people use scent to help them remember important information, such as test material. Traditionally, a person would study for a test near something that smelled pungent yet pleasant, like orange peels. Then, during the test, they would take out a bag of orange peels and the scent would help jog their memory. But what if you don't want to pull out a bag of orange peels during your final exam? Easy, get another powerful scent.

You know how great coffee smells, so use that to your advantage. When studying, brew a strong pot of coffee in your Mr. Coffee® Smart Optimal Brew™ 10-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker. Let the delectable aroma fill your study space. Enjoy your coffee while studying, taking a moment here and there to breathe in the delightful smell of fresh coffee. Then, on the day of your test, fill your portable mug with a fresh cup of joe and take it with you. As the exam begins, open your travel mug and take a deep breath of coffee. The scent will help you remember what you were studying.

Your sense of smell is closely tied to your memory.Your sense of smell is closely tied to your memory.

Staying awake
The most obvious way coffee can help you is to keep you awake. Not all of your college courses are going to be super exciting. Everyone has required classes to take, and that means courses you may be less than enthusiastic about. Still, you don't want to fall asleep while studying or worse, during the test! Instead, brew a strong cup of espresso or other espresso-based drink and stay awake through even the dullest of study sessions.

With a strong cup of coffee, you have a big advantage when it comes to preparing for finals. Nothing beats a strong work ethic and paying attention in class, but coffee can certainly lend a helping hand. So study hard, get through the end of the semester, and have a great winter break - with more coffee, of course!