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How Much Coffee Do Santa's Helpers need?

There's a lot of work that needs to be done on Christmas Eve and old Kris Kringle can't do it all by himself. In addition to all his elves and reindeer, Santa Clause relies on the help of parents all across the globe to lend him a helping hand. It's everyone's responsibility to spread holiday cheer. And everyone knows that cheer requires energy. This season, Santa Claus and his helpers are going to need a lot of coffee to make the day the very best it can be.

Christmas Preparation
There's so much to do before the big day! There are lights to go up, trees to decorate and presents to wrap. It's a lot of work and it'll take a lot of coffee to complete everything on time. When decorating your house, brew up a strong espresso drink to lend you some much needed energy. The Mr. Coffee® Cafe Barista makes gourmet quality drinks in moments. Check out these recipes for inspiration. Though of course you'll want some seasonal flavors to really get you in the spirit. Add peppermint or gingerbread syrup to your drink to make it absolutely perfect.

Open your presents while drinking a nice cup of coffee.Open your presents while drinking a nice cup of coffee.

Opening Presents
Christmas morning is the one time when you actually want to get out of bed early on a day away from work. But in spite of that excitement, it's necessary to have a little morning pick-me-up. The quickest way to grab a cup of coffee before opening presents is to use the Mr. Coffee® Single Cup K-Cup Brewing System. It makes a perfect cup of coffee in no time at all - so you can get to the presents as soon as possible. And after all the unwrapping is done, lounge around in your pajamas and enjoy spending time with your family.

Family Gatherings
After the big day, many of Santa's helpers get together to celebrate another job well done. Relax with some flavored coffee drinks and give a toast to another great Christmas. At any party you go to, there's sure to be a fresh pot of coffee beckoning you in from the cold. So go ahead, have a cup. Santa's helpers deserve to treat themselves.