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7 Songs About Coffee

Musicians often use real life, emotional experiences to write some of their best songs. It's no wonder, then, that there are so many songs about coffee. Many people - creative songwriting types included - depend on their favorite morning drink to give them the energy they need for the day. Not only that, but coffee serves as much more than something to drink. It's a break from a hectic schedule, a way for friends to connect and an activity that helps clear the mind. For these reasons, many writers have featured it in the lyrics of some of their top musical hits.

1. 'Coffee' - Copeland 
"If it's not too late for coffee
I'll be at your place in 10
We'll hit that all night diner
And then we'll see."

Indie rock band Copeland released their hit "Coffee" in 2003. The song's emotional lyrics, combined with a melodic piano and light percussion, makes the song touching and personal for all who listen. We just wish we could tell the singer that it's, in fact, never too late for coffee.

2. 'Coffee Coffee Coffee' - Dave Dudley
"Some men drink alcohol
Some men drink juices from the vine
But as for me I'm very simple
Give me coffee every time."

We couldn't agree more with Dave Dudley's lyrics from "Coffee coffee coffee." The song has been around since the 1960s and has served as a great lesson for everyone to learn: Live minimally and simply, and enjoy coffee. 

3. 'Coffee Time' - Natalie Cole
"Coffee time
My dreamy friend
It's coffee time
Let's sing
This silly
Little rhyme
And have
A cup of coffee."

Natalie Cole spoke from the heart when she sang her "silly little rhyme" about her favorite morning drink, and the world would be a better place if everyone recited it during their coffee breaks.

Bob Marley's song about coffee is a great one to add to your playlist.Bob Marley's song about coffee is a great one to add to your playlist.

4. 'One More Cup of Coffee' - Bob Dylan
"One more cup of coffee for the road
One more cup of coffee 'fore I go
To the valley below."

A list of songs about coffee wouldn't be complete without Bob Dylan. In typical Dylan nature, the folk song tells a tale of something much deeper than just drinking another cup of java, leaving listeners slightly confused and craving some of their own. It's since been covered by many different artists, including indie rock band The White Stripes.

5. 'One Cup of Coffee' - Bob Marley
"One cup of coffee, then I'll go
Though I just dropped by to let you know
That I'm leaving you tomorrow
I'll cause you no more sorrow
One cup of coffee, then I'll go."

Bobs apparently have a thing for coffee and songwriting. Similar to Dylan's "One more cup of coffee," Marley's "One cup of coffee" is another plea for some extra time before moving on. Later in the song, Marley asks for his coffee "sweet and warm." We could have pegged him for the sugary coffee type.

Ella Fitzgerald's song about coffee can help anyone through a breakup.Ella Fitzgerald's song about coffee can help anyone through a breakup.

6. 'Black Coffee' - Ella Fitzgerald
"My nerves have gone to pieces
My hair is turning gray
All I do is drink black coffee
Since my man's gone away."

Earlier, we talked about the similarities between love and coffee. It seems Ella Fitzgerald already made this connection when she wrote about filling the void in her heart with coffee. With an extra boost of energy and warm, cozy steam, coffee is a great drink for those going through a breakup.

7. 'Coffee & TV' - Blur
"So give me Coffee and TV
I've seen so much
I'm going blind
And I'm braindead virtually."

The U.K. knows how to do rock music and enjoy coffee. When the two come together, a musical masterpiece is born. "Coffee & TV" by the rock band Blur is a catchy song that combines both of these beautiful parts of life.