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Coffee and Desserts That Go Together Like Love and Marriage

Sugary treats are great on their own, but when they're paired with coffee, they come together to form what are known as power couples. These entities provide your taste buds with unbeatable flavor that you didn't think was possible. Here are some of the top power couples in the dessert business.

1. Apple Pie and Coffee with Honey
The hot and cold contrast of warm apple pie and a scoop of vanilla ice cream is what dreams are made of. The only way to make it even better is with a cup of coffee - but not just any cup. When you pair the fruity flavors of pie with a light roast coffee doused in honey, you're truly pampering your taste buds. Since honey is a natural sweetener, you don't even have to feel bad pouring it into your drink.

Pair a decadent cake with a dark roast.Pair a decadent cake with a dark roast.

2. Fudge Cake and Dark Roast Coffee
When enjoying a dense, chocolatey fudge cake, there's no question that you need something tasty to wash it down with. Try pairing this decadent dessert with an equally rich cup of coffee. A dark roast with little to no cream or sugar will allow you to truly experience its full taste.

3. Biscotti and Espresso
There's a reason why this pairing is often chosen in Italian culture. It's a great dessert for those who don't have much of a sweet tooth, but still need a light snack to wrap up a meal. You can also add assorted fruits, like raspberries and strawberries, on the side for an added kick of flavor.

4. Cinnamon Buns and Spicy Coffee
To end a meal on a bold note, try serving warm cinnamon buns with creamy vanilla frosting alongside a steaming cup of coffee. Choose a Columbian coffee roast that has natural spicy undertones, and add a dash of cinnamon to your cup for extra punch.