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Honey and Coffee: A Match Made in Heaven

What's sweet and natural and helps brighten up your day? In the spirit of Valentine's Day, your first guess may be your significant other, but we're actually referring to honey. Named the 2015 flavor of the year by Firmenich, the natural sweetener is showing up in many different forms.

Substitute sugar with a healthier alternative.Substitute sugar with a healthier alternative.

Depending on what honey is paired with, the end result can be heavy and sweet or light and floral. Some add it to their meals as a sweet and savory sauce or to their smoothies to give them an extra sugary kick. When it's stirred in to coffee, it makes for a wholesome sweet treat that won't kill your diet plan. Try adding it to French vanilla coffee with a touch of cinnamon for a morning drink packed with flavor. Aside from its great taste, the combination of honey and cinnamon has a slew of health benefits, including relief from an upset stomach, improved energy and alertness, a boosted immune system and more. Some even use the combination to help slow free radicals - which are known to cause cancer - though there's yet to be scientific evidence that supports the claim that honey and cinnamon have that effect.

Honey can also be added to black coffee to maintain a natural, low-calorie diet while still satisfying your sweet tooth. By swapping out cream and sugar and replacing it with honey, you're making a small but powerful step in the right direction when it comes to your health. If you still need extra sweetness, pair your morning brew with plain tea cookies or a serving of fresh fruit to satisfy your cravings and maintain a healthy diet.