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How Coffee is a Lot Like Romance

When you meet that special someone, your world seems to stop. Suddenly, your life purpose is clear, and all of your past tribulations and time spent searching was worth it. You can finally relax and enjoy yourself because a weight was just lifted from your shoulders. The same feeling is experienced by many coffee lovers when they discover their favorite brew.

Your first love will always have a special place in your heart.Your first love will always have a special place in your heart.

First Sip Sweetness
Just as there's nothing like your first love, your first cup of coffee will always hold a special place in your heart. If you entered into the world of coffee with a weekly order of iced French vanilla extra extra, you'll get a sudden sense of nostalgia when you hear a young teen ask for the same. It will come out of nowhere and pass as quickly as it came. In a fleeting wave of emotions, you'll remember the first day you tried it - all of the months you spent grabbing your favorite drink before a long day at school; how it saved you while studying for your tests. 

The Stinging Burn of an Old Love
Just like real love, however, not all memories are so sweet. While you watch the barista shovel sugar into your old favorite brew, you remember how you grew tired of the same sugary sweetness day after day. What started out as a tasty treat evolved into something much less pleasant. Maybe your tastes changed over time, or maybe you got a cavity from all of the sugar. Whatever the reason, you fell out of love, and that's a coffee burn that still hasn't fully healed, and possibly never will. You've been forced to move on - to try new flavors until you find one that you can count on to be your forever brew.

When you find your forever brew, never let it go.When you find your forever brew, never let it go.

Finding The One
However, you will find true coffee love one day if you haven't already. It could happen while you're running errands or frantically trying to catch the late train to work - or maybe The One is already in your life and you just haven't realized it yet. The cup you make every day could turn out to be your very special drink that always picks you up and never disappoints you. Sure, there will be new flavors and seasonal brews that tempt you to stray from your favorite cup, but true coffee love is knowing that at the end - or beginning - of the day, you can depend on it to lift your spirits and keep you strong.