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How to Build the Ultimate Coffee Mug Collection

Every coffee lover needs a wide variety of mugs from which to drink his or her beloved morning brew. While you may have a favorite, that doesn't mean you can't still acquire a collection that would make even the most severe hoarders envious. Here are some ways to add to your growing pile.

Personalize Your Mugs
Why search for the perfect mug when you can create your own? Next time you're out, purchase a set of basic white mugs and get to work crafting some interesting pieces of art. There's no wrong way to customize them, though be careful not to use hazardous materials that can be harmful if placed on products used for eating and drinking. Try doodling a cool design on your mug with black or colored permanent markers and bake them in the oven so your artwork sets. You can write your name, scribble a funny quote or even draw a portrait of your face so everyone knows that mug is yours. The possibilities are endless, and the cup is your canvas.

Collect mugs from everywhere you go.Collect mugs from everywhere you go.

Collect Them as Souvenirs
​If traveling is right up there with coffee on your list of hobbies and interests, consider this a match made in heaven. Everyone wants to bring back a momento from the cities they travel to, so why not make yours a cool coffee mug to add to your collection? Not only will you please guests with a hot cup of coffee when they visit, but you'll also be able to brag about all of the cool places you've been. It's a win-win.

Make Sure You Have To-Go Mugs
No coffee mug collection is complete without a few trustworthy to-go cups. More often than not, you're hastily getting ready in the morning - unless you're a great planner and an early riser. For the rest of the population that doesn't classify this way, you'll need to take your coffee along for the ride. Invest in some good thermoses that lock in the heat and have a cover that keeps steam from escaping too quickly. Also, don't fail to check that it fits in with the cup holders in your car. This is a rookie mistake that far too many coffee lovers have made.

Stock your shelves with a few specialty mugs.Stock your shelves with a few specialty mugs.

Add Some Specialty Cups
If you periodically enjoy starting your morning with a shot of espresso or a nice, luxurious latte, you have to make sure you have the right materials first. Nothing says amateur quite like a full sized cup only filled a quarter of the way with espresso. Grab a set of espresso cups and some fancy mugs and saucers for specialty drinks.