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How to Make Soaps and Scrubs with Coffee Grounds

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Coffee is good for the soul - and the body. Countless reports have shown the benefits of your favorite morning brew on your health, emotional well being and, now, your skin. You can use coffee grounds to rub away cellulite, banish acne and reveal smooth, radiant skin that's just as effective, if not better, than some of those high-end beauty products you see in stores. Here's how to make a scrub of your own with ingredients you probably already have around your house.

Use certain ingredients to create a soap based on your needs.Use certain ingredients to create a soap based on your needs.

Decide What You Need
Coffee provides a wide array of benefits for your skin. The natural oils in the beans can hydrate dry skin, and the caffeine can help tighten loose skin and keep cellulite at bay. Other components of coffee can dull the appearance of stretch marks and tackle blemishes before they even emerge at the surface. Paired with other ingredients, you can enhance the effectiveness of each of these qualities. Decide what you need most, and that will guide you in the right direction of what else you should include. Coconut oil, for example, should be added to a coffee scrub with the intent of moisturizing especially flaky skin, and olive oil can be mixed into another coffee scrub or soap bar for fading stretch marks.

How to DIY
Once you decide on your needs, it's time to gather the ingredients and get to work. Start by getting a large mixing bowl and adding the appropriate amount of coffee grinds. It may be best to use old coffee, since you might want to save fresh, tasty grinds for drinking. To make a small scrub, use 1/4 cup of coffee and mix in about double the amount of a liquid, whether it's water or some kind of oil. You'll want to make sure the coffee grinds are moistened, but not wet - otherwise you'll dull the rough texture and the scrub won't be as effective. Try adding 1/2 cup of coconut oil to the mixture, as the substance helps treat both acne and cellulite, making this a dual action scrub that only requires a small amount of two powerful, common ingredients. Mix together until it becomes a paste.

Massage your face in a circular motion when applying the scrub.Massage your face in a circular motion when applying the scrub.

Apply It Correctly
As with most scrubs, it's best to start with clean skin. Apply the scrub after the shower, when the pores on your face are clear of dirt and makeup and the skin on your body is soft and clean. Apply to the skin and massage in a circular motion, scrubbing away dead skin and leaving a silky layer of healing oil in its place. Leave the mixture on your skin for 10-15 minutes so it has time to absorb all of its rich vitamins and minerals. Once the time comes, gently rub away the coffee grinds with a damp cloth. As much as you may want to wash away the remnants with water, that will also wipe off all of the natural oils you just put on your skin. Simply pat dry and top with a moisturizer for smooth, radiant skin.