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What the Color of Your Coffee Says About You

Last month, we talked about coffee habits and what they can reveal about a person. Now, we're taking things a step further and focusing on color. You can tell a lot about a person just by looking inside his or her coffee cup and studying how light or dark the drink is. From there, you can decide if he or she would make a great friend or love interest, or if you're better off keeping your distance. Here's what it all means.

Black coffee is bold and intense - and so is the person who drinks it.Black coffee is bold and intense - and so is the person who drinks it.

Coffee sans sugar and cream is intense - and that's exactly how to describe those who prefer their coffee this way. Since sugar doesn't necessarily change the color of the drink, some coffee lovers who seem to be drinking black coffee may in fact be secretly drowning their drink in sweetness. This makes them mysterious and sneaky, and that can be appealing - but only to the right person.

Deep Brown
People who sip on barely-lighter-than-black coffee are usually conflicted. They want to enjoy coffee in its natural state, but just can't stomach it. These are the people who are naturally intense like the black coffee drinkers, but know that it's important to tone it down when necessary. This constant internal struggle manifests itself in the form of deep brown coffee.

Coffee-Colored Coffee
These are the practical people of the world. They order their coffee "regular" and value moderation in all parts of their life. They're dependable and responsible, and they'd never put up with the mysterious nature of the black coffee drinker. 

Those who prefer light brown coffee are sweet and fun-loving.Those who prefer light brown coffee are sweet and fun-loving.

Light Brown
Coffee drinkers who drink coffee on the lighter side are sweet and fun-loving. They either just entered the coffee world and are easing their way into a more bitter taste, or they simply love sugar. Whatever the case, they're not ashamed of their spunk, and their carefree attitude will likely rub off on you if you hang around them for a while. They make great friends, and can instantly bring shy people out of their shell. 

These people don't like the taste of coffee, yet they drink it anyway - on their own strange terms. They're typically excessive in all parts of their life, and don't understand boundaries. When paired up with the black coffee drinker, be prepared for an extremely volatile relationship full of love one day and hate the next. While they prefer their coffee in total opposite ways, they share a level of intensity that many people will never reach.