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What To Do If You and Your Partner's Coffee Tastes Are Incompatible

Dating someone who agrees with you on everything can eliminate a lot of exhausting arguments, but it's not necessarily the best way to grow as a person. There needs to be some contrasting qualities to keep both of you balanced, but not too many that you spend every minute of your day battling one another. Maybe you don't see eye to eye on music, or one of you is a major sports lover and the other doesn't quite know how to pronounce "lacrosse." If you're truly daring, you may have even started a relationship with your coffee nemesis - but don't call it quits just yet. There are many ways to get through this. Here's how.

Keep an Open Mind
It can be devastating if you two don't see eye to eye on coffee. It's a crucial part of your daily life, and as a result, you want to be able to share it with the person you love the most. However, there could be worse things that your partner likes. Your partner's love of daytime talk shows or weird childhood blankets can make his or her preference for pumpkin lattes with extra cinnamon seem completely normal and acceptable. Don't automatically dismiss a person based on his or her coffee tastes - though, you may want to ask that he or she ditches the blanket.

Try out a different type of coffee.Try out a different type of coffee.

Branch Out a Little
You never know whether you like something until you try it yourself. Rather than judge your partner for his or her coffee preferences, take a sip of it and decide once and for all if it's worth your negativity. You could be pleasantly surprised to learn that what started out as your coffee nemesis could be your new cup of choice!

Invest in Single Cup Coffee Makers
If you're still finding it impossible to find common coffee ground, don't worry. Single cup coffee makers, like the Single Cup K-Cup® Brewing System, were invented for this exact purpose. They've most likely saved countless marriages and created peace throughout the entire household. Does your partner like vanilla coffee with extra sugar, but you're more of a hazelnut drinker? It's not an issue with a device like this. Simply pop in your desired brew, and within seconds a customized cup of coffee will be ready for you - and only you - to enjoy without conflict.