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What Your Favorite Mug Says About You

They say the eyes are the window to a man's soul, but we think coffee is a more direct path. From the color of a person's coffee to his favorite mug, a lot can be said about the way someone enjoys his daily morning drink. Next time you prepare a cup of java, take a second to inspect your mug and truly reflect on what it says about your character. You might be surprised at how accurately it describes you as a person. 

Souvenir Mug
Each morning, do you find yourself reaching for the same "Viva Las Vegas" mug that you picked up while you were spending the weekend in sin city? Chances are, you're nostalgic and you value sentiment. You're probably a great friend who loves to bring up old times and make scrapbooks like it's your job. It's also likely that you have a bit of a tendency to hoard most things, from friendship bracelets to expired food. While it's a positive trait to savor memories and not take anything for granted, it's also important to learn to let go - but not of your souvenir mug collection, of course. That stays for eternity.

Classic white mug? You're probably orderly and neat.Classic white mug? You're probably orderly and neat.

Classic White
When you open your cabinet to grab a mug, are you nearly blinded by the overwhelming display of white everywhere? Do you also color coordinate your closet and keep all of your money facing the same way in your wallet? Those who prefer to drink coffee out of solid white mugs crave uniformity and order. Your friends might poke fun at your routine, but to you, simplicity is ideal, and too much commotion disturbs you. You'd be perfectly content just sipping your classic white mug while wearing the same gray sweatpants and sitting in that one chair by the window. Every. Day.

Oversized Goblet
If you need two hands to hold your coffee mug, you're a somewhat excessive human being. There's no need to have a mug as big as yours, but you just like it. You most likely fill your coffee to the brim and add in heaping, borderline disgusting amounts of cream and sugar. To you, there's no such thing as too much of anything - condiments, clothes, shoes. You're the type of person who has a shower that's taken over by 17 different types of shampoo and conditioner. Just one or two brands simply isn't cutting it for your hair. You need options. You need more.

If you have a personalized mug, you're probably a creative type.If you have a personalized mug, you're probably a creative type.

Personalized Cup
Your favorite mug is one that you carefully constructed yourself. It has a beautiful array of glitter and gems and has your name written perfectly in cursive. You're a self-declared Pinterest Queen, and chances are, you crafted the mug one rainy day with all of your girls. You're naturally creative and you take pride in your belongings - and you're also a tad neurotic. It probably makes you uncomfortable when you have company over and they reach for your personalized mug. Can't they read? It's clearly yours. Try not to freak out.