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Why Coffee is a Better Valentine's Day Gift Than Flowers

When searching for the perfect gift for your significant other, you want to find something that expresses your love and speaks to his or her personality. Leading up to Valentine's Day, stores will be stocked with common items for your loved one, and flowers will be everywhere. However, why choose something typical when you're trying to express your unique love for your partner? Coffee makers are a much better choice than flowers for the java lover in your life. Here's why.

Coffee lasts much longer than flowers.Coffee lasts much longer than flowers.

It Lasts Longer
No matter how skilled of a florist your partner is, flowers can only last so long before they start to wilt and eventually need to be thrown out. On the other hand, the gift of a coffee maker lasts much longer and provides enjoyable mornings for years to come. When choosing a Valentine's Day gift based on longevity alone, the clear winner is a coffee maker. 

It's More Beneficial
Besides aesthetics and a pleasant fragrance, there's not much more value to be had from a floral arrangement. However, a coffee maker like the Mr. Coffee® 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker Hot Shot Station has the ability to produce coffee, hot chocolate, tea and instant meals all in one compact device - which is much more than what can be said for flowers.

Flowers smell great, but coffee smells even better.Flowers smell great, but coffee smells even better.

It Smells Better
Sure, there's no such thing as coffee perfume (yet), but that doesn't mean that flowers automatically win the smell test. In fact, it can be argued that the smell of java is even better than flowers - especially for those who are regular coffee drinkers. There's something about the smell of a fresh pot of steaming coffee that taps into people's souls in a way that flowers never will. Plus, after a week or two, a bouquet of flowers goes from smelling like love and romance to filling your room with that old, musky smell of dirty water and mold. 

It's More Meaningful
The majority of people get flowers for their significant others on Valentine's Day, whether it's a mixed assortment or a single rose. However, not many people present their loved ones with coffee makers that can be used throughout the years. The gift's rarity alone makes it a better choice, but when you also factor in a person's love of coffee, it becomes the only choice for a gift that's both personal and functional.