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6 Ways People Around the Globe Are Enjoying Coffee Break Day

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Jan. 20 is Coffee Break Day, and while you probably won't be able to get away with a 24-hour break from reality, there are many other relaxing ways to celebrate. You could stick to the usual and buddy up with a coworker for a cup before the daily 3 p.m. productivity crash, or you could branch out and adopt a tradition from other cultures. Here's how people take breaks all around the world.

1. Greece
This area of the world is known for many things, including its architecture, rich culture and tasty food - and its coffee is no exception. While a standard cup of hot coffee is a popular choice among Greek residents, frappes are a cultural staple. The best way to celebrate the coffee holiday in Greece is with this frozen caffeinated treat. 

Try a croissant with your coffee.

2. France
Coffee Break Day in France most likely includes lots of hot coffee, milk, sugar and, of course, croissants. Because the typical French roast is on the bitter side, people in the area like to add a good amount of sweeteners and cream. If you're trying to channel the French culture this holiday, go with a latte - and don't forget to wear your beret!

3. Spain
Often considered the birthplace of the siesta, Spain knows a thing or two about coffee breaks. Wake up from your midday nap with a cortado, which is essentially an espresso mixed with warm milk. 

Take a quick shot of espresso for a surge of energy.

4. Italy
Wine aside, espresso is the drink of choice in Italian culture. It's enjoyed first thing in the morning, after dinner, and throughout the day as a way of socializing and re-energizing. Do as the Italians do and chase a shot of espresso with a fresh biscotti. Buon appetito!

5. Finland
Like the Italians, Finnish people pound a few cups of coffee throughout the day. There, it's not just a morning drink, but a lifestyle. Channel their love of the brew with a fresh cup every few hours. Beware, though - this is not for the faint-hearted. If you're not used to downing multiple cups in one day, you could start to feel a little jittery. Stick to decaf if you're a coffee rookie.

6. Sweden
The Swedish take the coffee break crown. Not only do they take in several cups throughout the day, but they actually have laws in place that guarantee all workers a break specifically for coffee and a snack. The Swedish word "fika" refers to both the kind of coffee typically enjoyed in the region as well as the break itself.