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Accomplish Common New Year's Resolutions by Brewing at Home

The new year is a time for reinvention. If you're like the majority of the population, you likely have plans to change every bad quality about yourself and adopt some healthy habits - all well-meaning goals that are much easier said than done. Fortunately, coffee lovers with high ambitions can easily overcome some of their biggest weaknesses with a small tweak to their everyday routines. Investing in a coffeemaker, like the Mr. Coffee® 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker + Hot Shot Station, can help you check off the majority of your resolutions and immediately make you feel better about yourself. Here are all of the ways a home cafe can help you accomplish your personal goals - and simultaneously whip you up a great tasting cup of coffee.

"That daily cup of coffee from your local cafe can get expensive over time."

Save Money
That daily cup of coffee from your local cafe can get expensive over time. Even if your daily brew only costs you a few dollars each visit, days turn into weeks, which turn into months, which then turn into hundreds or even thousands of dollars that could have been spent elsewhere - like on a few months of rent or a fun vacation, depending on your preference and needs. Brewing your own coffee is much less of a financial burden, and only requires the purchase of a device and your favorite coffee flavors. A coffeemaker can help you feel a lot less guilty about booking a trip to the Caribbean.

Show More Love and Patience
It's easy to get caught up in the haste of everyday life. You might find yourself low on patience and only periodically showing love to the people who deserve it most. Brew your own coffee to eliminate the need to wait in line at a coffee shop. Plus, you can even spread kindness by brewing coffee for everyone in your household. You'll leave your house in a much better mood and start your day with love and understanding - and this benefits everyone.

Cut Calories
When you order a fancy drink at a cafe, you probably remain somewhat ignorant to its fattening ingredients. If you were to make that same drink in the comfort of your own home, you'd be less likely to include all of the high-calorie additions - or you would at least be conscious enough to cut calories elsewhere. With a home cafe, you're able to stick to a healthier diet and stop yourself from adding one too many teaspoons of caramel sauce.

Be More Self-Sufficient
When you're trying to be more independent, a coffeemaker can help. You no longer need to depend on a barista to whip up a tasty cup of coffee for you each morning. Creating a home cafe is a quick way to feel more empowered and accomplish some of your most important daily tasks on your own.

Be a better host by brewing your own coffee.

Channel Martha Stewart
Even those who have trouble making instant macaroni and cheese can increase their domestic qualities with a coffeemaker. Certain devices make it easier than ever to brew a tasty cup of coffee. Next time you have guests, school them all on the art of home brewing. 

Reduce your Carbon Footprint
Home cafes can help you treat the earth a little better. Not only are you more likely to use a reusable mug when you make your own coffee at home, but you're also cutting down on the amount of time you spend in your car - which can in turn reduce the harmful exhaust that's pumped into the air. Be good to Mother Nature and invest in a coffeemaker.