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How Your Ice Cubes Affect Your Homemade Iced Brews

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Every coffee or tea lover has had to suffer through the agony of a diluted beverage. What begins as the perfect brew gradually turns into a watered-down version of it. Don't let this happen to your favorite drink. Try some of these approaches to keeping your morning cup cold and full of great flavor.

"As they melt, they'll simply turn into more coffee or tea."

Coffee or Tea Cubes
To prevent dilution, try this simple hack the next time you prepare a fresh batch of coffee or tea. Allow the batch to cool down to room temperature, and then fill an empty ice cube tray with it. Freeze the tray overnight, and in the morning when you brew another batch, pop in a few of the cubes. As they melt, they'll simply turn into more coffee or tea and only enhance the taste of your drink. What more could you possibly want from your ice cubes?

Flavor Cubes
If filling an ice cube tray with coffee or tea is old news for you, try kicking it up a notch with your favorite flavoring. Frozen cubes of condensed milk, coconut milk and, dare we say it - chocolate milk - can melt into any cup of cold coffee to slowly release a sweet flavoring into your morning beverage. For iced tea lovers, condensed milk can also work, as can some of your favorite juice, to infuse some fruity components into your tea. The possibilities are endless. Experiment with different liquids until you find your favorite.

Plastic Cubes
You might prefer your iced coffee or tea just the way it is, and that's perfectly reasonable. There are plenty of products on the market for people like you. Try plastic ice cubes that you freeze and pop into your drinks to cool them down without adding any extra flavor or changing the consistency of your beverage. Then, simply wash and place them back in the freezer for future use.