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What Your Coffee Drinking Habits Say About You

Coffee lovers are typically very particular about how they enjoy their favorite brew. Some only drink in the morning, others just continuously sip throughout the day and some need a specific mix of odd ingredients. Fortunately, this is a judgment-free zone, and whatever strange coffee habits you've developed over the years are completely acceptable. Here's what your coffee quirks say about you.

Coffee is a classic way to start the day.

Morning Brewer
You like your coffee when you first wake up, and that about does it for you. Those who enjoy a cup midday or - gasp - before bedtime are rebels with whom you don't feel comfortable associating. Chances are, you like to stick to tradition and you were raised to hold the door for others and thank your waiters. If you're ever feeling especially daring with your coffee, you might try a nice bold roast or a rich mocha - at 11 a.m.

All-Day Drinker
Feeling tired? Grab a cup of coffee. Bored? Coffee should help. Excited? Calm down with some coffee. There's always a cup in your hand and a new brew on your mind. You're constantly investing in the latest coffeemakers to add to your home cafe, and the cashiers at all coffee shops within a 10-mile radius know that you really want pumpkin spice with extra sugar when you order an espresso. After all, you have a reputation to uphold in the coffee world.

Extra Extra Lunatic
What you consider a standard cup of coffee would instantly rot anyone else's teeth. When you need a pick me up, you go hard and shovel in sugar like you're trying to put out a fire. Nobody has ever accused you of being lethargic, and actually, you've been asked more than once to "tone it down." Don't let them dull your sparkle, Extra Extra Lunatic. Use as much sugar as you'd like.

Your coffee says a lot about you.

Straight No Chaser
If you like your coffee black, you're most likely passionate and intense. You drink your coffee in its natural state - "the way it should be enjoyed," right? You may have a reputation for being a little all-knowing and a tad disagreeable, but it's only because everyone else is wrong. It's your world, Straight No Chaser, and everyone else is just living in it.

Seasonal Sipper
The change in seasons means more to you than just a wardrobe swap. It means you'll overdose on sugar-infused flavors that remind you of foliage, snow and other classic signs of the season. Chances are, you like to wear stretchy pants and don't see why All Day Drinker is ashamed to order a pumpkin spice coffee in the month of November.