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6 Situations You Wish You Had Coffee

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If you're anything like us, you probably start your day with a cup of strong coffee brewed to perfection. There's no better drink for lifting your spirits and perking you up when you need it most. However, the morning isn't the only time you'll need some java. There are a number of other situations you'll be faced with throughout the day that will require something strong to get you by. Here are some of those tough times you're bound to experience on a regular basis.

No meeting is complete without coffee.No meeting is complete without coffee.

1. Your Morning Meeting
Next time you're sitting in a stuffy meeting room, take a glance at your colleagues. Chances are that they have a fresh cup of coffee next to their notepads - and for good reason. Not only does coffee jolt you out of your daze and keep you focused on the discussion, but it also gives you a buffer if you're put on the spot. Imagine this: Your attention span is fading, and you've become enthralled with the stain you just found on the ceiling. Just as you're inspecting it, you get asked a question and you have no idea how to answer it. All you need to do is take a sip of your trusty coffee and hope that one of your coworkers cuts in to save you. 

2. An Awkward Conversation
Unless you stay inside all day, you're bound to make some sort of awkward encounter in your travels. Maybe it's an extra chatty cashier or a surprise run-in with an old acquaintance. Whatever it is, you could really benefit from simply holding something in your hand. You can also pull the same move you did in your morning meeting and take a slow sip to buy you some much-needed time to think. Coffee is a great wingman, and should really be utilized more.

3. 3 p.m.
Everyone knows the wrath of the 3 p.m. hump. You physically can't get through it without getting up for a cup of coffee. There's a reason why nearly every office has a coffee maker, and it's because of afternoons that drag. Grab your coworkers and meet them in the break room to recover from the first half of the day and refill your mug. You deserve it.

Forget flowers - a cup of coffee could instantly improve this date.Forget flowers - a cup of coffee could instantly improve this date.

4. A Date That Didn't Go As Planned
There's nothing quite as soothing as a warm cup of joe to nurture the wounds created by bad company. Plus, you never know: As you're grabbing coffee to save yourself from your date, you could realize that you both like the same kind of brew - and that could quickly turn things around. 

5. A Lagging Gym Session
It takes a lot of motivation and energy to get in the mood for the gym. If you're lagging after a long day at school or work, you'll need some help from your dear friend coffee. The caffeine boost will get you excited to hit the treadmill and power your way through your workout.

6. An All-Nighter
Whether you're gearing up to stay awake all night for a party or to study, coffee can help. Brew a big batch of fresh java using the Mr. Coffee® Versatile Brew 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker and Hot Water Dispenser. You'll have enough coffee to last you through the night and then some.