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How to Incorporate Coffee into Your Wedding

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Let's face it: If we could marry coffee, we would. It lifts your mood when you're feeling down, warms you up on a cold day and helps you get through awkward situations. It has all of the qualities of a perfect partner, but unfortunately, it can't play the role of bride or groom in a wedding. Don't get too sad, though - it can still play a major part in your special day. Here's how to include it in your wedding so you can celebrate happiness with all of the people and things you love most.

Create a beautiful coffee display for guests.Create a beautiful coffee display for guests.

Create a Coffee Bar
A wedding with an open bar is bound to be a great time for everyone involved. The type of open bar you choose to offer your guests is completely up to you. One of the latest trends in weddings is the concept of a coffee bar, where guests can get a quick energy boost to keep them celebrating all night long. Should you choose to have one at your own wedding - and if you're a true coffee lover, you will - there are many creative ideas you can incorporate.

For starters, you'll need a coffee maker that brews a large pot of coffee on command, like the Mr. Coffee® Smart Optimal Brew™ 10-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker with Wemo®. Place it on top of the bar and show your guests how you can control your brew with your mobile device. They'll instantly fall in love. You can also jazz up the bar with personalized coffee mugs with your monogram front and center, as well as personalized cup sleeves if you're going the disposable cup route. And don't forget to tie it all together with signs that incorporate both love and java. There are endless coffee puns that you can drop to annoy all of your guests. Create signs like "Love is brewing" and "The perfect blend" and post them up near the bar for all to see.

"Your guests will truly appreciate the gift of coffee."

Offer Coffee Party Favors
If your guests are anything like you, they will truly appreciate the gift of coffee. Let them keep the customized mugs if you choose to use them at the coffee bar. Maybe you can even package specialty coffee beans in small burlap gift bags and place them in each mug for your guests. Glass jars are great for storing coffee beans, and they also make great favors for wedding guests. Fill them with coffee beans and place them on each table for all of your friends and family to take with them.