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Patriotic Coffee Drinks

When festive red, white and blue cocktails no longer cut it and you need an energy boost this Fourth of July, turn to your trusty morning beverage to power through. After all, it would be a shame to miss the fireworks because you were too tired from the day's festivities. Keep your caffeine fix in line with the rest of the day's colors and themes, and try some of these fun recipes. America's founding fathers would be proud of your dedication.

Pour water in your espresso for an American classic.Pour water in your espresso for an American classic.

Caffè Americano
With a name like Caffè Americano, you're almost obligated to down one of these at some point during your celebrations. Not sure how to prepare it? It's simple. Just make an espresso using your Mr. Coffee® Café Barista, then pour in some hot water on top of it to fill a regular-sized coffee mug. Enjoy it with a juicy burger fresh off the grill - it might sound like a strange combination, but trust us. There's a reason why coffee is used in steak rubs. The beef-coffee combination creates a taste that words can't even describe.

Decaffeination of Independence
Maybe you're one of those who just needs the illusion of coffee to perk up. If that's the case, opt for a tasty cup of decaf coffee to sip on while your friends are served a batch of the real deal. This is a free country, after all, and you can drink your coffee without caffeine if you so please - just be prepared for some serious judgment.

Add some tea to your coffee.Add some tea to your coffee.

The Boston Tea Party
If you need a refresher of early American history, the Boston Tea Party is the term used to reference Americans' refusal to pay tax to Britain on their tea back in the 1700s. Honor this bold historical moment by enjoying a cup of coffee mixed with tea, which isn't just some random pairing. The concoction actually has a name - Yuanyang - and is the perfect drink for people who can't seem to make up their minds when choosing a caffeinated beverage. 

Teddy Brewsevelt
​Theodore Roosevelt was one of the youngest presidents in history, and thus needed some strong substances to get him through his responsibilities unscathed. Drink your coffee the way he would have wanted: strong, and in large amounts. Pour yourself a tall glass of iced coffee, and keep it black.