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Subtle Ways to Tweak the Flavor of Your Coffee

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Even the smallest change can sometimes make the biggest difference. This is true when it comes to a new hairstyle, a healthier diet and, of course, the flavor of your coffee. You don't have to load up your coffee with excessive ingredients to get a different taste every time you want to change up your morning brew. Instead, follow this guide to subtly changing the flavor of your coffee on those days you need a little something extra.

Add a Dash of Cinnamon
Cinnamon is such a bold flavor that you only need a quick sprinkle of it to change the taste of a drink. Add in too much, and you could wind up with a coffee that's much spicier than expected - not to mention, you might be chewing your way through your cup. Stick to 1/2 teaspoon to start out, and if you want an extra punch, add more. It's good to stay on the conservative side, since it's easier to add more than have to fish out the excess after the fact.

Use Your Grinder
For the freshest coffee you'll ever taste, grind your beans immediately before brewing. This alone could give you the subtle change you're looking for, but if you want something even more delicious, try adding different ingredients to your coffee beans as you grind them down to perfection. Toss in some shredded coconut or chopped nuts with your coffee beans and you'll notice a perfect hint of flavor in your brew. It's an easy way to get fresh coffee with a natural, subtle taste.

Ditch the spoon - use a cinnamon stick to stir your coffee.Ditch the spoon - use a cinnamon stick to stir your coffee.

Change Your Stirrer
When mixing in cream and sugar, ditch the spoon and opt for something more creative. Can't get enough cinnamon? Stir in your ingredients using a cinnamon stick. Do you have a lollipop or peppermint stick you were saving for a moment of sugary desperation? Use that to mix together all of your favorite mix-ins. Get creative with your stirrers. The flavor they add won't be overpowering, and you'll have one less utensil to clean after!

Get Creative With Your Ice Cubes
Ice cubes made from water are so last year. We've stressed the importance of pouring coffee into ice trays and using frozen coffee cubes to prevent your iced coffee from being watered down. But if you want to add some subtle flavor in the process, try freezing other types of liquid and adding that to your coffee. Cranberry juice, orange juice, chocolate milk - the possibilities are endless. Drop a few cubes into your coffee and let it gradually change the taste of your drink. If it's becoming too strong, simply fish them out with a fork.

Look through your spice rack for inspiration.Look through your spice rack for inspiration.

Add Some Spice
If your coffee is too bitter for your liking, your first instinct might be to reach for the sugar. However, that adds empty calories and you might need a few teaspoons to sweeten it up to your standards. Instead, add a pinch - and only a pinch - of salt. This will cut through the bitterness and leave you with the perfect taste without loading on a ton of ingredients. If salt seems a little odd and you're not ready to take that step, choose ginger. Again, be conservative with this spice, as it's bold and will totally alter the taste of your coffee if you're not careful. 

Reach for Protein Powder
You know that big tub of protein powder that you picked up at the store when you were on a health kick? Put it to use the next time you brew a batch of coffee. Add in a dash of the powder for a subtle flavor change and a dose of protein to help you power through the day. Maybe you'll even make it to the gym.