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3 of the Weirdest Places to Enjoy Coffee

Some people might have a favorite chair that they sit in and drink coffee every morning, or maybe they just take their drink to go and enjoy it in the driver's seat of their car. For others, the coffee drinking experience is a little more intense. They don't necessarily use coffee to ease into a new day, but rather as a means of experiencing some of life's craziest adventures. From the outermost realms of space to the deepest parts of the sea, here are some of the most interesting places people have taken their coffee.

"The way some people drink coffee is out of this world."

1. Outer Space
The way some people drink their coffee is out of this world - literally. You might think your job requires endless amounts of coffee, but astronauts are especially in need of the energizing substance. NASA recently opened a coffee bar for exhausted astronauts in need of a tasty boost. While it's not yet possible to brew fresh coffee, the freeze-dried instant coffee that's made it to outer space is a great start. We'd have to say that this is the greatest astronomical achievement since man first made it to the moon.

2. The Top of a Mountain
If you're like the majority of the population and don't see yourself getting out to space anytime soon, there's still hope for you. The top of a mountain is another unique spot to enjoy a cup of coffee. Next time you're hiking or skiing, be sure to bring a big pitcher of coffee with you so you can say that you've enjoyed a java break in the highest of altitudes. After all, this is quite possibly the closest you'll get to outer space.

Bring some coffee with you next time you're out in the water.Bring some coffee with you next time you're out in the water.

3. The Middle of the Ocean
Whether you're on a cruise ship or a motor boat, you can enjoy a cup of coffee. Imagine having all of your senses stimulated - the ocean spray on your skin; the sound of the waves in the background; the rich taste of coffee. Just make sure you have some help for motion sickness, since nothing ruins a beautiful day at sea like dizziness and an upset stomach. Throw some ginger snaps in your bag and snack on them with your coffee. Ginger is known to help with nausea, and it also tastes great with a cup of joe.