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How to Get Over the 3 p.m. Slump

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You know the feeling. Your eyes are slowly shutting, your breathing is getting deeper and your vision is becoming hazy. It's the 3 p.m. slump, and it discriminates against no one. Fortunately, there are ways to stop this monster from sapping all of your energy and productivity. Follow this guide to overcoming that horrible hour of the day.

Take a Coffee Break
The easiest way to perk up and beat the slump is by physically getting yourself out of your chair and going for a coffee break. Just the physical act of walking is enough to shake yourself out of a daze, but when the caffeine kicks in, you'll feel ready to take on the world - for the next few hours or so.

Tired? You might just be thirsty.Tired? You might just be thirsty.

Drink Water
No coffee available? You might want to look for a new job, because a coffee-less establishment sounds like total chaos. In the meantime, guzzle a cup of water. Again, you'll force yourself out of the hold of your chair, and you'll also get hydrated. Sometimes, dehydration can hit you in the form of drowsiness. Water - especially when it's chilled with ice - might be what it takes to snap you out of your zombie-like state.

Do Some Jumping Jacks
You can either preface your activity with a warning, or you can surprise your coworkers or classmates with a little impromptu burst of cardio. The jolt of activity might help you liven up a little and your racing heart will help pump some necessary blood flow in all directions.

Eat an apple to stay awake.Eat an apple to stay awake.

Eat a Snack
Just say no to donuts at the 3 p.m. mark. It's your body tricking you into eating sugary foods for some much needed energy. Instead, opt for mixed nuts, some fruit or combine the two and make yourself a nice plate of apples and peanut butter. Put some thought into your snack, and keep it light. Anything too heavy or loaded with carbs can make you feel even more tired and ready for bed than you were to begin with. 

Switch Gears
Doing the same assignment that you've been working on all day can become monotonous. You're sure to space out come 3 p.m., and you really can't blame yourself for it. Switch it up by booking that time for calls or checking emails - anything that will jolt you out of the same old project.