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How to Naturally Sweeten Your Coffee

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If you're one of the many coffee lovers with an insatiable sweet tooth, you might load up on artificial sweeteners as a way of cutting calories. But if you're trying to stick to a diet that consists of natural ingredients, it may be time to ditch the fake sugars. This doesn't mean your coffee needs to be bland - quite the opposite, in fact. There are many ingredients found in nature that instantly sweeten your morning brew and spice it up all at the same time.

Honey isn't just for tea.Honey isn't just for tea.

The sugary syrup was named flavor of the year by Firmenich for a reason: It's tasty, natural and has a slew of health benefits. It helps relieve upset stomachs, boosts your immune system and instantly perks you up. Normally added to tea as a natural sweetener, honey also comes in handy when you want to replace the sugar in your coffee. Just a few teaspoons of the organic syrup, and your java will transform into a sweeter, thicker version of itself. You'll absolutely love it. 

Maple Syrup
Your waffles and pancakes aren't the only breakfast foods that taste better with maple syrup - it goes perfectly with coffee as well. Pour a splash in your java and skip the sugar - but be sure to opt for the 100-percent natural maple syrup. You'll end up with a super sweet taste without the artificial ingredients. 

There's a reason why brown sugar is so much better than regular sugar, and it's molasses. The substance used to make brown sugar is a great addition to coffee. It changes the consistency of java ever so slightly, making it a little thicker than normal. Molasses also gives your drink a spicy kick by releasing the natural undertones of your brew. Throw in some cinnamon to make it that much more intense and add to its natural antioxidant properties.

Add some juice to your coffee.Add some juice to your coffee.

Fruit Juices
Some coffee has natural fruity undertones, so it only makes sense that pouring fruit juice into your brew could be a great addition. Add a splash or two of apple or cranberry juice to enhance its sweet flavors and kick up the nutritional value. Many fruits have antioxidant properties - as does coffee. When you combine the two, you'll double up on ingredients that help remove toxins from your body. It's a win-win!