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Match Your Manicure to Your Coffee

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We've previously talked about how to drink coffee in style, and matching your manicure to your java is one way to step up your fashion game. Sure, some of your friends might poke fun at your "crazy" obsession with coffee, but most fashionistas face criticism from those with simple taste every now and then. Plus, your true companions won't cast any judgment. So, get out your nail polish and files and follow this guide to giving yourself a coffee-themed manicure.

Make your own coffee scrubMake your own coffee scrub

Coffee Scrub
Before you even reach for a cool nail polish to apply a coat of color, you'll want to make sure your hands and cuticles are pillowy soft. Using old coffee beans, you can create your own personal hand spa without having to leave your home or spend money on an expensive treatment. Simply grind up coffee beans using your Blade Grinder with Chamber Maid Cleaning System and mix the grounds with a few teaspoons of petroleum jelly. Apply it to dry skin on your hands and massage it between your fingers and over your nails for a great smelling exfoliant. Just be sure to rinse off the mixture completely and pat dry before applying nail polish, or the paint won't adhere to your nails as well.

Mocha Mani
Channel the look of your favorite coffee drink using various shades of browns and cream colored polish. In a separate dish, pour a deep brown polish and splash in a white or cream color on top of it. Using a coffee stirrer, lightly swirl the colors together and dip a clean nail polish brush into the mixture. Paint a light coat on your nail and repeat the process on each one. One coat should be enough because you want to maintain that authentic coffee vibe, but if you want a deeper hue, add another coat on top of it. Finish it off with a high shine clear coat, and wait for nails to dry before reaching for your matching mocha drink.

Try this unique twist on a French manicure.Try this unique twist on a French manicure.

French Vanilla Manicure
For a more advanced coffee-themed manicure, opt for this twist on a French, inspired by java. Start with a base coat of a light brown color on each nail and wait for it to dry completely. Then, take a sticky note and wrap the adhesive end around the base of your finger so the paper cuts off a little farther than halfway down your nail. Paint the portion that peeks out with a few coats of white. Remove the sticky, and you have yourself a coffee-inspired French manicure that's easy and fun!