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4 Hysterical Vines About Coffee

We're living in an age where most attention spans don't last much longer than the time it takes to "like" someone's status. Today, people check their social media accounts before they get out of bed and follow their favorite celebrities as if they're part of their circle of friends.

As much as society has changed over the years, one thing has remained the same: People love their coffee. In fact, they enjoy their morning brew so much that some have combined the worlds of social media and java to produce some great comedy. Here are the funniest Vines about the beloved drink.

Don't cry over spilled coffee.Don't cry over spilled coffee.

1. Coffee Disaster
Internet sensation Zach King is known for his seemingly magical Vines. Some may consider him an illusionist, while others might just see him as a great video editor. Whatever it is, he knows how to fool all viewers into thinking they're witnessing one thing when they're really seeing another. His video starts as a photo of him spilling coffee on his laptop - a tragedy we all can relate to. Turns out, the drink was just a drawing, the laptop was just a prop and all was well in his household. We're happy for him.

2. Celebrity Status
Everyone knows that celebrities love the spotlight, even if it's just in the form of a 6-second video. Pop star Justin Bieber and model Kendall Jenner got in on the coffee Vine action with a short clip honing in on the rather small cup of coffee Jenner was drinking. And you thought celebrities led interesting lives...

Coffee can make you feel like a new person.Coffee can make you feel like a new person.

3. Effects of Caffeine
Vine maker Jake Paul is just a regular man without his coffee. But once he has his morning brew, he becomes a superhero - if you consider wall twerking, fist fighting and failed bike riding to be of superhero stature. However, like most with exceptional power and strength, Paul has his own form of Kryptonite. Once the caffeine wears off, he crashes into a deep sleep that looks precious and serene from the outside. 

4. Kids Say the Darndest Things
User Josh Darnit uploaded a video of what is quite possibly one of the cutest yet grouchiest children of all time. The kid can't be older than two years old, and he's already blaming his foul mood on his lack of caffeine. We understand his pain. Someone get him his coffee, pronto.