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4 Savory Food and Coffee Pairings

Coffee may be most commonly served in the morning, but there are many times throughout the day that it can be enjoyed - including dinnertime. The complexity of different brews make it a great drink that pairs perfectly with an array of savory dishes. Next time you whip up dinner, try some of these excellent couplings. You'll never want to stick to donuts or coffee cake ever again.

1. Bacon-Wrapped Scallops and a Bold Coffee
A morning staple, bacon can add an intense, smoky flavor to any meal. Bacon-wrapped scallops blend well with a bold brew that balances the smoky taste. Opt for a roast that's too light, and your food will completely overpower your drink - a classic amateur move. Stick to a dark, woody brew for an intense, complex duo that just seems to make sense to your taste buds. 

Spicy chicken and bold coffee go well together.Spicy chicken and bold coffee go well together.

2. Peanut Chicken and a Cup of Sumatra
When your food is spicy enough to make you sweat, a glass of water sometimes just doesn't cut it. Instead, go with a rich cup of Sumatra that will perfectly complement the intense taste and bring out the nutty components of your dish. Plus, milk is one of the best ingredients for soothing overwhelmed taste buds. Add some to your coffee to put out the fire in your mouth.

Wash down your pizza with some iced coffee.Wash down your pizza with some iced coffee.

3. Pizza and Iced Coffee
Whether you pair pizza with soda, juice or water, you can't really go wrong - but you could nail it with coffee. It may not sound like it, but coffee and pizza are actually a match made in heaven. The bold taste of java can enhance the sweet tomato and cheesy goodness of pizza. Plus, we're pretty sure pizza and coffee are in everyone's top five favorite foods and drinks. Stick to a cold brew to help wash it down and quench your thirst.

4. Pineapple Ham and African Coffee
Anytime there's a fruit component in your meal, it's best to pair it with an Ethiopian or Kenyan roast. The coffee has natural fruity influences and can really bring out whatever fruit you add to your dish. Next time you have people over for a pig roast, be sure to brew a big, fresh pot of coffee to go along with it. The combination is unexpected and perfect.