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How to Get Your Coffee Fix While Camping

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Ah, the great outdoors. There's nothing quite like going camping for a weekend and becoming one with nature. For a few days, you'll need to depend on the company of others and very bare necessities to get you through. In theory, it's a spiritual experience that brings friends even closer together. You might picture yourself grilling meat, passing around a guitar and just enjoying the presence of your loved ones.

However, things rarely go as planned. In reality, you'll likely be swatting away insects and wishing you had an Internet connection to post a new Facebook status about how much you actually hate camping. You'll need some resources to get you through unscathed - and while we might not be able to magically send you a Wi-Fi network, we've got you covered on the caffeine front.

Camping is no excuse to be without coffee.Camping is no excuse to be without coffee.

If you're going bare bones camping - think tents, camp fires and using a woodsy area as a restroom - you may have to stick to boiling water over the fire and gradually adding in some instant coffee. If your version of camping is a little less intense, you may be able to find an outlet in one of the communal areas. Fortunately, you don't need much else for great tasting coffee. Using the Mr. Coffee® Electric French Press + Hot Water Kettle, you can pour in water, add in your favorite coffee grinds and a fresh, hot batch of java will be ready instantly. You'll immediately become the MVP of the camping trip when you walk back with your hot pot of coffee for all of your friends. Sip, relax and get back to experiencing nature the way it was meant to be enjoyed - with a hot cup of great coffee in hand.