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How to Make the Most of a Rainy Day

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The winter is coming to an end, and that means you can finally fade out your sweaters and replace them with stylish spring clothes. But before you can enjoy the sunny weather that the new season has to offer, you'll probably have to endure some rainy days. Use your time indoors to clean your house, work on that toned summer body or just kick back and relax - the choice is yours.

Get Creative
A rainy day is the perfect opportunity to finally start that book that's been collecting dust on your nightstand. Crack it open and get to reading - it's a much more valuable activity than constantly checking your phone to see boring Facebook updates. Who knows, you might discover a new hobby - one that doesn't require hearing about all of your friends' meaningless rants.

If you'd rather a different creative activity, you can always take a shot at a new art project. Why not craft your very own personalized coffee mug? You can go the simple route and decorate a plain white mug with a permanent marker, or you can get more involved and bust out the glitter and paint. Chances are that you have some time to kill, and a mug collection that could use some work.

A rainy day is the perfect time to work on your fitness.A rainy day is the perfect time to work on your fitness.

Stay Fit
The rain is no excuse to get lazy. There are plenty of exercises you can do without even stepping outside. In fact, some of them are better off performed in the privacy of your own home. Try popping in a workout video and following all of the steps. If you're like the majority of the population and don't own a fitness DVD, search through some videos on YouTube and set up your laptop in your living room. Move some furniture so you have enough space to tone your body without breaking anything. You'll work up a sweat and be on your way to a toned summer body!

Try Some New Recipes
With all of that physical activity, you're sure to work up an appetite - but don't let your cravings get the best of you. After all, you just worked so hard to burn off those calories. Instead, search the Internet for some recipes that are easy to make and won't ruin your newfound health kick. Look for colorful dishes that call for an eclectic mix of fruit, vegetables and protein to satisfy your hunger without derailing your fitness goals.

Whatever you choose to make for a healthy feast, it likely pairs well with coffee. Brew a fresh batch for everyone in your household with the 8-Cup Thermal Coffeemaker. Try replacing sugar with cinnamon for a tasty tweak on your everyday drink.

When the weather is dreary, sometimes you just want to cuddle up on the couch.When the weather is dreary, sometimes you just want to cuddle up on the couch.

Snuggle Up
Sometimes, there's no better way to enjoy a rainy day than by cuddling up on the couch with a cozy blanket and a good movie. Put on your favorite sweats, light a few candles and get comfortable. Find a good movie marathon on TV to kill a few hours and make it a rainy day to remember.

Clean Your House
Spring cleaning was invented as a way to stay productive when the weather is dreary. Use this time inside to clean up your space so future rainy days are as comfortable - not to mention hygienic - as possible. This can double as physical activity, so you're essentially killing two birds with one stone. Spend the day mopping the kitchen floor, clearing out the fridge, scrubbing the bathroom and vacuuming your carpets. You'll feel a lot better knowing that you gave your whole place a thorough cleaning when you could have just been wasting the day sleeping.