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Spring Infusions for Iced Tea

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Spring is finally in bloom, which means you can get more creative when it comes to satisfying your need for caffeine. Even if you refuse to give up your steaming cup of coffee every morning, you can perk up midday with a cold brew that's classic for the season: iced tea. It might not be warm enough to sit poolside with a cold brew in hand just yet, but you can still pretend! Brew yourself a batch with these fun spring flavors to truly welcome the season with open arms.

Fruit is a tasty spring addition to your tea!Fruit is a tasty spring addition to your tea!

One of the best parts of the coming warm weather is all of the tasty fruits that are in season. Mangos, oranges, pineapple and strawberries are all bound to be widely available at your local grocery store. Be sure to stock up and add them to your iced tea!

One easy way to add a punch of citrus flavoring to your tea is by squeezing the juice of a lemon and orange into a batch of freshly brewed iced tea. Use your Mr. Coffee® Tea Café Iced Tea Maker to prepare your beverage, then pour yourself a tall glass filled with ice. Cut a lemon and an orange in half and squeeze all of the juice into your glass. You can even drop some berries into the bottom of your glass for an extra fruity taste. Try adding in some fresh blueberries, and mash them up slightly to release the flavor. 

Try adding some rhubarb to your beverage.Try adding some rhubarb to your beverage.

Yes, you read that right. Vegetables don't need to stay within the confines of salads and stir fries. Let them make an appearance in your spring tea for a fun twist on a classic beverage. Try adding a few slices of cucumber to your batch of iced tea for an added kick of refreshing zest.

Rhubarb is another tasty plant that's commonly used in sweets, so why not add it to the mix as well? Combine two stalks of rhubarb and two cups of water in a large saucepan. Bring it to a boil and then lower the heat. Let the ingredients simmer for an hour, and allow the mixture cool for a while. Strain out the water and add it to a fresh batch of iced tea. You'll love the unique taste, and the bright coral color of the vegetable is perfect for spring!