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4 Picnic Essentials for Coffee Lovers

When there's good coffee, tasty snacks and sunshine, it's hard to be in a bad mood. That's why having a picnic that includes all of these ingredients is a great way to enjoy a day off. So go ahead - call your friends, pack your basket and slather on some sunscreen. You're about to head outdoors for the most epic picnic of all time. Here's what you'll need.

1. Coffee
Before anyone can even think of enjoying the great outdoors, you'll need to prepare a big pitcher of coffee - but not just any java will suffice. Spend some time the night before preparing for the occasion. Brew coffee as you normally would, then wait for it to cool a bit. Pour it into empty ice trays and store them in the freezer. The next day as you're packing your things, make a fresh pot using the Mr. Coffee® Iced Café Iced Coffee Maker and pack your coffee cubes into the pitcher. That way, as the ice cubes melt, it doesn't get watered down.

Apple pie and coffee are a great combination.Apple pie and coffee are a great combination.

2. Sweet Snacks
Once you get the most important part out of the way, you'll need to pack something great to munch on. Pretty much any snack pairs well with coffee, but there are certain flavor combinations that take an ordinary cup to a whole other level. Bring some apple pie, and be sure to throw some honey into your basket to use as a mix-in with your coffee. The fusion of sweet fruit and coffee will give you a sugar high that will have you coasting through the beautiful day.

3. Savory Treats
Unfortunately, there is such thing as too much sugar. You'll want to include savory treats in your basket to balance out the sweets. There are plenty of filling snacks that go great with coffee, and you'll likely have a few cups left over to share with your friends. Be sure to pack some almonds and peanuts, which will help bring out the nutty undertones of your brew. You might also want to throw in some beef jerky, bacon or a similar treat that's easy to transport. 

Add some coffee songs to your picnic playlist.Add some coffee songs to your picnic playlist.

4. Good Tunes
Sure, you'll probably have some great company, but that doesn't mean you can get away without any form of entertainment. Make sure you have some good music playing while you're soaking up the sun. Have it all come full circle and add these songs about coffee to your picnic playlist.