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4 Reasons for Bad-Tasting Coffee

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We've all experienced the nightmare that is bad coffee. It could be a sour sip of your morning java or bitter swig of your afternoon cup that happens unexpectedly and immediately ruins your day. Don't let unpleasant coffee happen to you. Here are four reasons why the java you're drinking could taste sub par - make sure you prepare accordingly.

"Tasty java starts with fresh beans."

1. Your Beans aren't Fresh
Without fresh coffee beans, you're at risk for some bad-tasting coffee. Be sure not to keep coffee beans past their expiration date, and always store them properly. If they're not kept in a tightly sealed container or they're placed in direct sunlight, they could go bad far before they need to. Tasty java starts with the fresh beans.

2. You're Not Using the Best Water
That's right - the water you use to make your coffee has a greater effect on taste than you might think. Tap water that's treated with extra minerals can add a metallic taste, and in turn make your coffee's flavor seem a bit off as well. If you know your water is treated with calcium and magnesium, it might be in your best interest to use bottled or filtered water when brewing your coffee.

Check the quality of your water before using it to brew coffee.Check the quality of your water before using it to brew coffee.

3. It's Watered Down
Speaking of water, there's such thing as having too much of it in your coffee. This is especially true for iced coffee, when the ice melts and dilutes the rich java taste. One easy way to avoid this tragedy is with coffee cubes. Next time you brew a batch of java, pour some of it into ice trays and store them in the freezer for the next day. Use them in future batches of iced coffee so when they melt, it just means more of the drink you love.

4. The Creamer is Bad
Make sure your mix-ins are on point before you add them into your coffee. Nothing's worse than rushing to pour yourself a cup on the go and having your creamer ruin a perfectly good brew. The fresher the milk or cream, the better it will taste. You might also want to heat up the milk or froth it before you pour it into hot coffee so you can enjoy the best tasting cup of steaming java while you go on with your day.