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5 Tasty Ingredients to Add to Your Coffee

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You could drink coffee in its natural state, or you could enhance it with tasty ingredients. On those days when you're struggling to get out of bed, it might perk you up to consider experimenting with your morning brew. Here's what to include in your coffee to keep things interesting and free you from the hold of your bed.

Add some spice to your coffee.Add some spice to your coffee.

1. Nutmeg
If you regularly put cinnamon in your coffee and you're looking for a slight variation, try replacing it with nutmeg. The spice has a very distinct taste and is regularly used to top eggnog - and if nutmeg is good enough for eggnog, it's good enough for coffee. Just a small pinch is all you need to jazz up your java and give it a totally different taste.

2. Coconut Oil
For a taste of the tropics with your next batch of coffee, try mixing in a teaspoon of coconut oil. To ensure that it doesn't pile up at the bottom and leave your coffee greasy, you should mix it in a blender rather than stir it in with your spoon. The result will be a hint of coconut and an added boost of energy with your morning cup - what more could a person want?

3. Almond Milk
Regular milk can get boring. If you want a slight hint of something sweet but to skip the empty calories of sugar, opt for almond milk. A few splashes of it to your cup, and you'll have a great tasting coffee that has just a slightly nutty flavor. 

You'll love the sweet taste of condensed milk with your coffee.You'll love the sweet taste of condensed milk with your coffee.

4. Condensed Milk
If almond milk isn't sweet enough for you, try out some condensed milk instead. It's just cow's milk that's been depleted of its water and replaced with sugar. This makes it sweeter and thicker than regular milk, and it should satisfy those with even the most intense sweet tooth. Not only does it pack your coffee with great flavor, but it also changes its consistency slightly for a more wholesome, heavy drink.

5. Peanut Butter
For a nutty taste and a thicker drink, add a small dollop of peanut butter to your coffee. You may need to use a blender to perfectly combine the ingredients - otherwise, some of it will remain separate and you'll be left with a glob of peanut butter at the bottom of your mug. For peanut butter lovers, this is yet another way to incorporate your favorite ingredient into every meal - or drink.